The road ahead for Trados and translation professionals

The road ahead for Trados and translation professionals

In this blog from Andrew Thomas, discover what the future looks like for Trados and translation professionals in a world where localization and it's technology are constantly evolving.

It has become something of a cliché to wonder at the speed of technological change and its impact on our lives. But when you look at the history of the Trados portfolio, it really does hit home that the translation industry has come a very long way in a very short time. 

Today's translators, translation businesses and corporate translation teams have so many ways to be more efficient and profitable. The evolved sophistication of computer-assisted translation (CAT) is stunning. Machine translation has changed… everything. Centralized translation management solutions, increasingly delivered from cloud environments, raise productivity to new heights. It's like we're living in a completely different universe from the one into which Trados launched the world's first translation tools, 30 years ago. 

Trados: a timeline of development

The adventure continues

As fast as progress has been, this journey does look like an almost inevitable trip down a straight road. In reality our industry has experienced unexpected changes in direction, with choices to be made at forks in the road and, inevitably, some diversions and u-turns. As part of the localization industry, we know that our continuing journey will continue to be as adventurous, and we can't always predict where it will take us. But I'm certain that if we look back again in 2050, we'll continue to see a distinct path for Trados, because the choices we make are always informed by a clear overall vision of where we're going and why.

Our current direction is shaped by three key challenges facing the industry today. We plan to address these challenges, continuing to push forward for all translation professionals and the businesses they serve.

Trados Studio 2022: a tool as unique as you

If there's a unifying idea behind our three current areas of focus, it's that we recognize that the journey for every translation professional and team is as unique as our own – and we want to support and enable you to forge your own path. We want your distinct needs, no matter what they are, to be recognized and catered to, easily and seamlessly.

The new release of Trados Studio advances our vision in a variety of ways, but especially in making it easier for you to work the way you want to – without fuss or hassle. Get a taste of what to expect when Trados Studio 2022 drops in May, and learn more by registering for our webinar, which will include demos of key new features.

Webinar: Get ready for Trados Studio 2022 and MultiTerm 2022
When: 28 April 2022, 4.30pm BST