Trados tips for 2021

10 tips to make translating easier

Discover our favorite capabilities of Trados Studio 2021

Trados Studio 2021 has so much that's new – including a browser-based cloud interface to complement the traditional desktop application – that we figured it would be helpful to bring you some of the most useful ways to work with it. Here are our favorite 2021 capabilities from: 

  • The core Studio 2021
  • Trados Live: the new cloud environment 
  • The integrated AppStore

Trados Studio 2021

2. Customization of placeables

In Studio, 'placeables' refers to elements such as dates, times, currencies and measurements that you can place in target segments using the QuickPlace feature. We support a range of common formats for these (so that, for example, you can change the dot used as a decimal separator in US English to the comma used in German). But did you know that now you can adapt these formats as you please? You can also specify custom formats in your translation memory settings, which will then be recognized in your projects (including in the QA checker, which will no longer generate 'false positive' errors for these formats).

3. De-clutter your screen with full-screen mode (F11)

Cluttered screen making it difficult to concentrate when translating? Simply click F11 on your keyboard to make the translation editor the main section of your screen and hide all other sections.

Trados Studio full screen mode

4. Launch Studio from the file you want to translate

Here's a really quick way to launch Studio and its project wizard. Wherever you've got your source document stored, right-click on it and choose 'Translate in Trados Studio'. Simple as that.

Studio 2021 project wizard

Trados Live Essential

5. Inbox view: your handy 'to do' list

In your inbox view, you can see all your tasks. If, for example, you have a project with three translatable files, you'd see three tasks in your inbox. You'll also see that there are tabs here, so you can easily see what's new, what's in progress and what has been completed. Tasks move from the 'new' to the 'active' tab when you start working on them, and then to the 'completed' tab when finished.

Trados Live inbox

6. Pick your view: horizontal and vertical views in the online editor

Now you can better customize how you want to work by choosing whether you want to work with source and target next to each other (the traditional vertical view), or one underneath the other (horizontal view).

trados live horizontal view

7. Work better at any time with light, warm and dark modes in the online editor

Choose from light, warm and dark modes in the online editor based on your working preferences – or to avoid straining your eyes at night. 

trados live warm and dark modes

8. Over 250 apps at your fingertips with the Integrated AppStore

Did you know that our AppStore, which contains more than 340 apps to extend the functionality of Trados Studio – most of them free – is now accessible directly from the Studio application? Here are two of our favorites that have been updated for 2021:

RWS AppStore

9. Better visibility with Reports Viewer Plus

This app enhances Studio's standard reporting functionality, and also speeds up the way the reports render. Among its capabilities it lets you edit report names, group them differently, adapt the way they look through stylesheets, and include reports (XML files) from other tools. Learn more on the Community wiki page for the app.

10. Wordlight for easier text highlighting

If you frequently use the text highlighting feature in Trados Studio, you'll love the Wordlight app. It gives you a highlight button in the ribbon at the top of the screen, which means you can now highlight a segment with just two clicks, instead of the five it otherwise takes to access the highlight button through the 'quick insert' menu.

You can also select from 15 different highlight colors, and the highlights you make will persist in certain types of target file – such as Word and PDF – that support this feature.

gif of wordlight app

To view the current offers available for Trados Studio 2021 licenses and upgrades, visit our online store or contact your local sales representative.