Solving Real-Life Customer Problems with MT solutions – The Main Challenge

Google Research’s recent blog post on Neural Machine Translation is a great proof of the fantastic innovation happening at the moment in the MT space!

SDL has been innovating in MT for more than a decade now, and we remain committed to developing the technology further with our colleagues in the wider research community. Much like Google, SDL has been actively researching and investing in Neural Networks applied to MT.

As Google correctly points out in their blog post, “Machine translation is by no means solved [with Neural MT]". One of the main challenges for MT remains how to integrate it in solutions that solve real-life customer problems. SDL is in a rather unique position with our language, content, and services ecosystem, which drives our research and innovation in a way that creates the most value to our customers. Our strength is in delivering solutions that solve real-life issues that our customers face.

Our latest innovation in Adaptive MT is a good example. We have integrated the technology within SDL Trados Studio 2017 so that professional translators can make the most of MT for their day-to-day work.

Another example is our recently announced Instant Translation App on the Salesforce AppExchange which empowers global teams to break down language silos.

And our on-premise, secure, and scalable MT solution remains key for Enterprises and Governments that need to distill information from multilingual content at scale behind the firewall.

We are excited to see the continuous progress in Machine Translation and Machine Learning and SDL is committed to bring innovation forward in this space. Stay tuned!