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SDL Trados Studio 2021 – The new way of working for the translation industry

Product Manager at SDL, Daniel Brockmann, walks you through the new capabilities we have in store for our next major release - SDL Trados Studio 2021

As the product manager for SDL Trados Studio, I am very excited to be able to walk you through the new capabilities that we have in store for our next major release. I believe there is something in this release for everyone.

Why am I saying this? Well, the overarching theme and tag line that we have come up with is “Choose Flexibility. Choose Trados” – and this is exactly what this release is about when we look at the details. Let’s unpick those details below...

Studio 2021 – a desktop tool that you can use in all scenarios – local, server, and now in the cloud also!

The first — and I believe really big — news in terms of our “choose flexibility” theme is that it will become possible for everyone to choose their preferred way of working in Studio. So far, Studio supported working locally (with file-based translation memories and termbases) and on a server (using SDL Trados GroupShare and server-based resources). With this new Studio release, we are also introducing what we call “SDL Trados Live” – which, in a nutshell, is a cloud companion for every Trados user who is looking for cloud-based ways of working.

With SDL Trados Live, which is powered by our Language Cloud platform, you will not just be able to upload your TMs and termbases into your own secure cloud space and use them in Studio, along with cloud-based neural machine translation. You will also be able to decide how your own project flows should work. 

What do I mean by that? For instance, you will be able to create online projects in your browser and then decide how you want to perform translation and review work. On the one hand, you can use Studio, of course. Simply open a cloud-based project and start work in Studio, leveraging both cloud-based and local resources as well as all its productivity-boosting features as you please.

SDL Online Editor

On the other hand, you can now also use our very feature-rich online editing environment, which we have baptized SDL Online Editor. Online Editor has over the years become a very rich tool that can be used for both translation and review, as it has many productivity features that you love from Studio and that we made available online also. This is not dissimilar to Microsoft 365 where you can combine, say, using Microsoft Word Desktop or Microsoft Word Online depending on ways of working and varying requirements that you might have for editing a document.

This makes it possible, for the first time in our industry, to decide freely what the best workflow for a project is. Are you an Apple Mac user who struggles with maintaining a Windows operating system to be able to operate Studio? Well, you can now create a project online and work on it fully online, using well-known ‘Trados’ ways of working, all in your personal cloud space. 

Do you have a small project that requires a fast turnaround? Again, perform all the required work using your browser. Are you a fan of downloading projects from the cloud so that you can use your favorite desktop tool for highest productivity levels? This is possible also of course. 

You can even add your own local TMs or termbases to such projects so that you can leverage both local and cloud resources. We call this “hybrid desktop/cloud” ways of working. What is key in all this is our theme of flexibility. You decide how you want to work by combining SDL Trados Studio with SDL Trados Live elements as you please.

The ability to share

What about sharing? Obviously, using cloud implies being able to share – and this again applies to everyone who has this need. This means that sharing will no longer be limited to GroupShare users – we are keen to democratise this fully with SDL Trados Live. This will apply to both freelance translators and LSP and corporate businesses. Stay tuned for more information on this – again flexibility will be our key guiding principle here so that you can find the best desktop/cloud solution for your needs.

Finally – are we taking anything away in terms of working locally with file-based projects, or being able to use GroupShare for server-based project flows? Of course not, on the contrary in fact. Personally, I am a big fan of both these ways of working, so I am keen to keep all related functionality fully available—and even enhance it where we can. 

I mentioned at the beginning that there is something for everyone in this release. Let me cover these enhancements in a dedicated blog soon. Stay tuned for my SDL Trados Studio 2021 Blog Part 2!