SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 is Here!

When we started planning the next major release of GroupShare, SDL Trados GroupShare 2017, as always we started with the most important question “What do our customers want from the product?"

This included both speaking to our existing GroupShare customers, as well as those that have not yet made the leap to an online translation collaboration platform. What we wanted to know from you was, what are the challenges you are faced with and what can we do to make you happier and make your job easier.

To gain a strong understanding of what you wanted from SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 we interviewed numerous Project Managers at our SDL Trados Roadshows, and closely looked at the results from our SDL Translation Technology Insights Research, which gave us feedback from 2,784 Freelance Translators, LSPs and Corporations in 115 countries. I feel from this research we were able to get a clear understanding across the whole translation supply chain about what you desired and needed as part of this release.

From the information you told us, key themes were consistently appearing which included:

  • Project frequency – increasing constantly and deadlines are becoming ever shorter
  • Project Managers want to be able to focus on high quality account and translator management, not on repetitive administrative tasks
  • Automation and integration is key for LSPs in order to stay competitive in the market and to be able to handle chunking efficiently
  • 91% of LSPs now work with remote teams.

Good news, for SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 we focused on all of these areas.

The first and most visible change is that we have developed the new GroupShare website from the ground up, based on new modern future-proof technologies (HTML5 and JavaScript), which is also used to power some of the world’s most well-known websites including Facebook, Google, etc.

Our Translation Technology Insights research told us 66% of respondents find translation tools easy to use and we want to improve this figure even further in SDL Trados GroupShare 2017. As part of this we focused a lot on the User Experience to make things easier as well as giving us an opportunity and platform to introduce new functionality. Previously this was only available on desktop by using SDL Trados Studio.

A brand new dashboard

When you login to the new website, you will be greeted by a dashboard which gives you a simple and instant overview of the status of your projects and tasks, so that you can focus on what’s important.

SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 Dashboard

As you drill down into the details of a project you will see much more real-time information of the translation progress across your whole project. No longer will you have to wait for the translator to check-in a file to be able to see progress.

Manage and create projects in GroupShare from your browser

If you need to assign a task to a user or change the ‘Project Phase’, you will now be able to do this right from within the browser.

Task assignment in SDL Trados GroupShare 2017

In addition to this, for the first time ever you will be able to create new Projects right from the browser with four simple clicks! Now that is exciting! And what is even better is due to the new technology we are using, you will even be able to work from a mobile or tablet device.

Creating a project in the browser with SDL Trados GroupShare 2017

Using these new functionalities, you can now create projects wherever you are, even if you don’t have SDL Trados Studio at hand. You can also quickly assign work to a linguist on the go from an iPad. Furthermore, if you create many projects daily, your PC will not be blocked from performing file processing as the processing will now happen on the GroupShare Server.

User management and APIs

In terms of making your GroupShare use more efficient, we have made ‘User Management’ much easier. No longer will you need to worry about granting and removing permissions for resources to translators, as GroupShare will now do this for you. When you assign a task to a user, GroupShare will automatically revoke access once the task is completed.

When it comes to integration and APIs, we have moved to an API first approach, which means that all the functionality you see in the new website can also be accessed through available REST APIs. For example:

  • Do you have a customer portal and want to automatically create GroupShare Projects?
  • Do you want to offer users the ability to search through your TMs and termbases easily from a browser or mobile device?

You will now be able to do this easily through the REST API.

SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 - Rest API

The possibilities are now endless in what you can do in terms of integrating your systems, as well as automating repetitive tasks easily.

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