SDL AppStore for LSPs

SDL Trados Studio, SDL MultiTerm and many of their other products contain multiple features which, as LSPs, we can use to make our translation processes more efficient and effective. SDL AppStore goes one step further and offers a resource where developers add various additional applications to enhance user experience and meet a variety of needs and requirements. There really is something for everyone at SDL AppStore. This invaluable resource helps users understand what works best for us and SDL engineers can look at the most popular features and often integrate into the main software on the next release.

As an LSP and training company, Lingvajet operates as a user and approved training centre for SDL and can clearly see the benefits of a platform such as SDL AppStore. If you go to you will find numerous fantastic apps which really add value to SDL main products and solve many day-to-day problems you might be experiencing. This service allows you to download existing apps but also to create your own which will be tested by your peers in the translation community.

It would be possible to discuss all the great features and applications available at SDL AppStore but I will pick a couple we find really useful for LSPs and make life easier both for LSPs and the client:

  • SDL SLIFF split/merge – this really useful application allows users to split large SDL XLIFF files and merge split files into a single SDL XLIFF file. At Lingvajet we quite often receive large pre-translated engineering files from our corporate clients in SDL XLIFF format only with very tight deadlines. Previously we had to give our freelancers a lot of instructions about the beginning and end of their part but they would still struggle to complete correctly and efficiently because of the repetitions in the file. Now we use this application to divide sdlxlliff files into several chunks with just a couple of clicks, this reduces the need for numerous instructions and no more conflicts about word count – this best part, this app is completely free to download and use.
  • TMX Anonymizer – extremely useful tool for LSPs that have to submit Translation Memories to the clients but need to keep information about freelancers confidential. We find during our training sessions, many LSP representatives ask us about such a feature and this application will help you to reset all fields, showing your agency as the TM unit creator, which is all the information your client needs to know.

There are many other applications which might help you meet client needs and problems with different file types not currently supported by SDL Trados Studio or Passolo – such as SubRip File Type. The SubRip file type filter provides functionality for extracting the section text for localization and supports standard inline formatting and automatically handles line breaks in the text; Microsoft Visio for SDL Trados Studio, which helps to translate Visio files in SDL Trados Studio. It is paid, but it’s worth it if you are dealing with Visio diagrams on a daily basis. It is also useful if you translate AutoCAD files for your clients; you can save them as Visio files and process through SDL Trados, saving your freelancers from time-intensive manual work.

Within SDL Trados Studio there are several applications in use which LSPs might find useful. At Lingvajet we specialise in legal and technical translations. We regularly receive new revisions of the same documents, which we have to keep and re-use sdlxliff files. We use ‘SDL Batch Find and Replace’ quite a lot to update the terminology in the files based on the clients comments in the middle of the revision cycle. This saves us both time and money on sending numerous instructions to our freelancers. We also use a tool called PerfectMatch for initial proofreading on a new revision. We don’t charge clients for 100% matches and only pay proof readers at the final stage of proof-checking; this significantly reduces the overall translation price and allows us to achieve a high level of consistency for particular projects.

From one LSP company to another, we strongly recommend you check out SDL AppStore, we are positive you will find some useful tools to help you in your day-to-day tasks that will not only save you time but also money, which in turn, will lead to greater client satisfaction.