Effortless Project Management and Creation with SDL Trados Studio 2019

The role of a project manager is a pivotal one. Managing a wide range of activities on a daily basis can be complex and often challenging. Project managers must be able to manage multiple files, projects and languages, all at the same time, whilst remaining highly organized, sensitive and professional. I often hear that project management is described as keeping multiple plates spinning at any one time.

Even though modern translation environments such as SDL Trados Studio allow project managers to create projects with multiple resources and languages, setting up translation projects can still be a time-consuming task. According to our Translation Technology Insights research, 70% of those surveyed said they see an increase in project frequency and turnaround times compared to five years ago, so for project managers it means project creation needs to be as simple and effortless as possible.

When SDL Trados Studio 2009 was introduced nearly 10 years ago, handling multiple target languages, using multiple translation providers and the ability to store project settings as templates for re-use to create similar projects, were key innovations. However, fast forward a decade to SDL Trados Studio 2017 and project creation had not really changed that much. Given the industry pressures, there was a clear need to focus on improvement in this area.

And this is exactly one of the major areas Studio 2019 addresses.

SDL Trados Studio 2019 introduces a completely re-designed project wizard that significantly reduces the number of clicks, time and effort when creating translation projects from project templates, whilst offering greater transparency. In fact, we are looking at up to 28% quicker project preparation.

But that’s not all! For project managers or those working with projects, clients can often be a challenge, in particular when they want to add new or updated source files mid-project. (I think most of you reading this blog can relate to this at some point during your career.)

In the past this meant a lot of manual and time-consuming work. Studio 2019 changes all this with two additional features; the new Update File and Quick Add functions allow updating of a document up to 80% quicker than with previous of Studio.

So how is this possible and how does this look in Studio 2019?

Project creation in Studio 2019 has been streamlined to be easier, more intuitive and faster. With our new project creation wizard, you can create a project quickly and effortlessly in one easy step, saving time and effort. You can effectively create a project from one screen using a project template.

Additionally, the good news is we also do not take anything away. For more sophisticated projects the further steps are mapped out, giving you complete visibility and control so you can see exactly where you are and the other settings you need.

Add new file

Previously, adding new files to a project was a very click-intensive and manual process.

Now you can add a new file in one click and batch tasks are handled automatically to configure the files.

You can access the Add Files function via the drop shown below or directly in the project ribbon.


Update a file

In the past, if a user wanted to update a file already in a project with a new version of the same file, users typically had to resort to creating a new project and adding the new file to that new project. SDL Trados Studio 2019 changes this.

Updating a file already in a project can now be achieved up to 82% faster by clicking the Update File function, also in the drop-down box. All the previous batch task occurs in the background and files are pre-prepared, the translated segments are preserved using PerfectMatch and a backup copy is saved in the project. Updates occur to the document and you can continue with the original project.

As you can see, we’ve made it easier than ever before to set up your projects or make changes when projects are in progress. Our goal was to simplify creating projects which are made up of lots of small files, as well as making it easier for projects which you have already started – maximizing your time spent on translations. I hope you enjoy using these exciting new project management enhancements.

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