Meet Ana-Loredana, Customer Experience Team Leader

Meet some of our staff from SDL’s many office locations around the world and pick up some top tips along the way.

A little bit about you…

What is your name?

Ana-Loredana Gabur

What is your job role?

My title is Customer Experience Team Leader and in my role I have the opportunity to cover a wide range of topics which make my job very interesting. Also, I get to chat every day with our customers and in the same time work with Studio and learn more about the translation industry.

Which SDL office do you work in?

I am based in Cluj Napoca, Romania

How long have you worked at SDL?

I’ve started with SDL in June 2017 but it seems much longer.

Let’s talk about SDL and the translation industry…

What is your favorite feature in an SDL translation productivity product?

When I first started learning about SDL Trados Studio I was very enthusiastic about the upLIFT Fuzzy Matches, and now with the brand new Studio 2019 version, one of the most used features that I like in particular is Tell Me. It allows you to search what you are looking for in Studio and you get suggestions to take you to that particular command, setting or feature.

What excites you about the translation industry in 2018? What trends do you see emerging?

Hard to say what trends will emerge. However, in a highly digitized world, the need to have materials in as many languages as possible, and have them delivered fast to the target audience increases the need for reliable software that can help the translators save time while delivering a good quality translation.

From your experience, what would be your best bit of advice for translators?

To take a bit of time each time they use a new software and test it, get used to it and understand the logic behind the main functions.

During your time at SDL, what is the most common myth that you’ve come across?

The complexity of SDL Trados Studio and that it is hard to learn has been a frequently encountered topic. To be honest, once you start translating in Studio and use the main functions, you start understanding the logic behind the mechanism and also get used to using different features quite fast.

Another aspect is that on the official SDL Trados YouTube channel there are many many tutorials showing in a few minutes how to use many functions. Also, the free webinars and online resources are very useful in helping you learn Studio.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies…

Away from the world of translation, what do you do for fun?

Probably not in this order but read, travel and never miss an opportunity to see the seaside.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I have a big collection of magnets from all over the world from places I’ve traveled.

Where can we find you online?

On the SDL live chat while in the office – – and in the rest of the time via Linkedin.