Measuring Translation Quality in SDL Trados Studio 2015 with TQA

A few years ago we began discussions with the European Parliament and European Commission about the potential opportunity involved in the introduction of Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) functionality within SDL Trados Studio. But why was there an interest?

To give you an idea, the European Parliament currently employs around 1,200 translators, the European Commission employs over 1,600 translators, the Court of Justice has some 600+ lawyers involved in translating workflows, the Council of the European Union has over 600 translators and the European Court of Auditors around 150 translators. In addition, there has been a sharp increase in translation outsourcing, for instance, 29% of jobs were outsourced by the European Commission in 2014. With this number and variety of translators working on localization, it is obvious there is a need to be able to monitor quality. This is where TQA comes into play.

Translation quality is one of the main considerations for corporations as well as large and small language service providers, not just the European Union, and issues such as errors and inconsistencies need to be minimized to save time and money. Through the development of the TQA, the principles and methodology we have introduced gives you the ability to measure objectively the quality and consistency of everyone in the translation supply chain, to ensure client requirements are achieved.

Translation Quality Assessment: Objective vs Subjective

The great thing about TQA is it lets you choose and set up your translation quality frameworks from built-in industry linguistic model templates such as LISA QA, TAUS DQF, SAE J2450 and MQM. You can customize these models to suit your needs or even build your own.

What information can I get from TQA?

Through the assessment of the translations by a reviewer, you will get the following information from the TQA report:

  • A pass or fail threshold
  • An evaluation of the translator
  • An evaluation of the reviewer
  • An evaluation of machine translation
  • Automated reporting
  • An improved process

To learn more about quality in the translation industry and the new TQA feature in SDL Trados Studio 2015 Professional, download ‘The Pursuit of Perfection in Translation‘ eBook or visit our ‘Quality Matters’ webpage.