Trado GroupShare 2017 CU8

Greater Security And Quality for Everyone With The Latest Ppdate for SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1

When SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 launched back in February 2017, it represented a major leap forward for SDL and our customers. Responding to your feedback and our own market research, SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 delivered a solution that addressed many of the challenges facing language service companies and internal translation teams within corporations. These challenges included:
  • Coping with the acceleration in translation project frequency and shorter project deadlines
  • Too many administrative tasks for project managers
  • The need to increase automation
  • Integration and working with remote teams.

Probably the most striking change in this release of GroupShare was the browser-based project management, allowing project managers to create and manage projects outside of SDL Trados Studio. Additionally, a brand new dashboard also provided more transparency on the status of translation projects, reducing the project manager’s admin time and having to manually track everything.

This release was just the foundation for more to come. We are always looking to add new functionality and following on quickly from the main launch, more enhancements were added in November 2017 in a Service Release which was packed full of brilliant new features for our customers.

At the heart of this release was the Online Editor, a lightweight translation and review tool that included horizontal and vertical editing together with a streamlined and intuitive interface. What was so exciting about the release of the Online Editor was the ability to have concurrent editing, allowing multiple users to work on the same file in real time making it ideal for urgent projects. The Online Editor made it easier than ever before to involve non-linguistic users in the review process.

The Online Editor was a big step towards our commitment to providing online and offline flexibility for our users. Rather than deciding which way to work, let’s give people options.

GroupShare 2017’s latest update delivers even more powerful functionality enhancing quality and security

With the release of Cumulative Update 8 (CU8), the SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor has been further developed with the addition of two key features that not only helps improve quality but also provides additional security. These features are term recognition from server-based termbases and the ability to prevent project file downloads for specific users when a file is uploaded to the Online Editor.

For lightweight translation or review, users could always make use of server-based translation memories in the Online Editor but with the addition of Terminology Look Up, users can now benefit from increased quality and consistency by ensuring the correct use of terminology, essential for high-quality translations.

As I previously mentioned, the Online Editor allows much more flexibility in how project managers can work but having files uploaded online can also pose some security concerns. Therefore, one of the most requested enhancements we received for GroupShare was the ability to create projects that prevent project file downloads for particular users. This is now possible through a brand new permission called Secure Project File Download.

The great thing about this new permission is translators or reviewers can be assigned it by the project manager, administrator or power user, and they are the only ones who can download the project files in SDL Trados GroupShare, SDL Trados Studio or SDL Online Editor.

An additional security enhancement in the Online Editor also prevents users from copying text. The great thing about this feature is it enforces customer data confidentiality by restricting data access to authorized personnel only. For example, this could include files that contain sensitive financial data or GDPR considerations. These new security features offer organisations another level of permissions which they may not have previously had.

We’ve also been listening to our customers feedback for this update surrounding the use of the Online Editor. The Online Editor itself has now been optimised and provides a much better user experience than before, including a new sidebar that allows users to seamlessly move between different actions.

This latest GroupShare update does not stop there! There are other excellent enhancements, including:

  • The introduction of an undo check-out mechanism to allow check-in of files when conversion from Online Editor to SDLXLIFF failed.
  • Optimized performance of TM lookups and confirmations
  • Added indexes on TM database
  • Clean up of TM background tasks
  • Fixed the TM re-indexing for large server-based TMs

You will also notice that the performance of the Translation Memory Maintenance search has significantly improved when you are not using RegEx – helping you maintain your TM faster and improve quality. A further key update in this release is the ability to select/de-select ‘all status’ in the background tasks view, which is a big UX improvement in GroupShare 2017.

As you can see, GroupShare 2017 SR1 continues to mature as one of the industry’s key collaboration and project workflow tools, helping LSPs and in-house translation teams become more flexible, have more visibility, achieve more control and security and have more freedom.

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