Introducing The ‘Official’ Theme Tune of SDL Trados Studio

2018 marks the 34th year of Trados! With this in mind, we thought it was time SDL Trados Studio had something distinctive, that people would instantly recognize and go “hey, that’s Trados."

Our initial ideas led us down the path of an official mascot. We then toyed with the idea of an official ‘Trados Holiday.’ But one idea trumped them all…. ‘The Official SDL Trados Studio Theme Tune.’

The next step was to decide who we choose to record our theme tune? Names including Adele, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce were considered, but in truth, there was only one person we all unanimously agreed on… our very own Daniel Brockmann.

So why did we choose Daniel? Who better to write and record a song about Trados than the product owner himself. With his vast knowledge of SDL Trados Studio, he was the ideal candidate.

“Having the opportunity to record the official theme song for SDL Trados Studio is a dream come true. To know that a song I’ve created is going to have such a positive impact peoples experience with our brand is really exciting." – Daniel Brockmann

So without further adieu, here is the ‘official’ theme tune of SDL Trados Studio. Listen to it below and let us know what you think – don’t be fool and leave without listening.

Listen Here


And for one day only, we are delighted to say that every purchase of SDL Trados Studio 2017 will include a digital copy of the ‘official’ theme tune of SDL Trados Studio.

We hope you love listening to it as much as we do!