Q&A – Karen

How The SDL AppStore Has Helped Me As A Freelance Translator

Karen Tkaczyk is a freelance translator based in the United States. We reached out to Karen to find out more about her role as a translator, and how apps from the SDL AppStore have helped to get the best out of her SDL software.

Continue reading to understand how apps are enhancing a translator’s experience with SDL Trados Studio.

Karen Tkaczyk

What’s your name?

Karen McMillan Tkaczyk

Where are you based?

I live in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, in a small city called Lone Tree. I live with my husband, three teenage children, and our dog.

What is your job role?

I am a freelancer, a highly specialised technical translator. I’m well-established, and I have a practice that is split about half-and-half between agencies and direct clients. My area of expertise is chemistry. I trained as a chemist and worked in that field before I had children.

How long have you been a translator?

Since 2005.

What are your hobbies?

I love to cook. I enjoy hosting friends and preparing interesting food. I read and I watch films and go to the theatre. I play board games. Outdoors, mainly I walk the dog. In the winter, I ski with family and friends.

When and how did you discover the SDL AppStore?

I’ve known about the AppStore for as long as it has existed. I remember when it began.

What are your thoughts on the SDL AppStore as a platform?

The platform is very easy to use. I’ve never had any trouble finding anything specific that I was looking for. It’s easy to browse too, when I’m looking to see what’s new that might be of use.

What are your top 5 apps that you would recommend to other translators?

1. ApSIC Xbench Plugin

The ApSIC Xbench Plugin allows you run Quality Assessment on SDLXLIFF files in ApSIC Xbench with a single click.

2. MSWord Grammar Checker

The MSWord Grammar Checker app adds Microsoft Word grammar checking capability to the verification feature in SDL Trados Studio (2014, 2015 and 2017).

3. Studio Time Tracker

Studio Time Tracker allows you to track and maintain the time spent working on SDL projects.

4. CopyTags

The CopyTags app copies ‘tags’ from the source document, and places these into the target document.

5. Antidote Verifier

With the Antidote Verifier app, you can add Antidote a French and English spelling and grammar checking tool from Druide Informatique Inc, which integrates with Microsoft Word, into SDL Trados Studio under the review ribbon.

Why is the ApSIC Xbench Plugin your favorite?

Xbench wins simply by virtue of being one that I would miss the most if it didn’t exist. I use it routinely; it forms part of my standard quality control process for all jobs. Studio’s quality control is good — it catches a lot. However, XBench finds different types of errors, such as a single source being translated two ways. It is a very valuable addition to my workflow.

Overall, how has the SDL AppStore helped you?

The AppStore gives me access to things I would never have thought of. Then when I use them, they improve my quality or give me useful data points. I’m probably a fairly high-level Studio user, but I rely on others to come up with all of these time-saving ideas and then I enjoy them. I don’t have much of those creative, problem-solving genes but I’m good at looking for what others provide and making the most of them!