Ensure your business is scalable with Trados Live Team

Stay ahead of the competition: ensure your business is scalable with Trados Live Team

There are many ways translation businesses can differentiate themselves to remain competitive. Take a look at our top recommendations.

‘The biggest potential risk LSPs face at the moment is increasing industry competition’. (CSA Research, 2021)

That’s quite a daunting fact to hear. No one likes to feel that their business is threatened or under pressure, however, I always like to look at competition within the market place as a positive thing; competition inspires entrepreneurship and ingenuity, it keeps you sharp and encourages you to find new ways to differentiate yourself and better serve your customers. 

There are many ways translation businesses can differentiate themselves to remain competitive. You could target a new market, change your pricing structure, add new services such as transcreation and subtitling to your portfolio, or even adopt new technologies to provide a better service for your clients.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by CSA Research, 60% of LSPs actually stated that they plan to shift to new technology in a bid to grow their business this year. Selecting new technology to embed within your business can be an enlightening experience- discovering efficiencies, new ways to improve your processes and increasing your margins- but it’s not a task to be taken lightly.

One factor that is often overlooked during the selection process is the future, focusing too much on finding a technology that just suits business needs today instead. If growing your translation business is your goal, then adopting technology that can scale with you is imperative for success. 

What is scalable technology?

Technology can be considered scalable if it has the capacity to accommodate growth and can adapt to the changing needs or patterns of its users. Embracing scalable technology will increase your competitiveness by improving your ability to manage increased demand, new trends and additional requirements.

For LSPs, this means you should look for a solution designed specifically for project management that can handle an ever increasing load, help streamline processes and minimize administrative burden. Because of course, reducing project management time per project enables you to improve your customer service, deliver jobs faster, take on more work, increase your margins and ultimately grow your business. 

What technology do we suggest?

When looking at what technology the majority of translation businesses and localization professionals in the industry are currently using, the computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool comes out on top. Approximately 275,000 localization professionals across the localization supply chain are using our CAT tool, Trados Studio, alone!

CAT tools are primarily used to speed up translation tasks, increase productivity and improve the quality of translation output, so they are a great tool to have in your armory. However, the project management features available in a CAT tool are fairly limited and to be successful, LSPs also need a tool that can help them efficiently manage their workload. 

Our solution: Trados Live Team

That’s where Trados Live Team comes in. 

Trados Live Team is our cloud solution for speeding up translation project management and delivery- with the specific aim to help translation teams of any size ensure quality at scale.  

But what does this mean exactly? How can Trados Live help grow your business and support you no matter your size?

Manage an increased workload without additional effort

Trados Live Team has been built to help you maximize efficiencies and increase your capacity to easily take on more work and deliver projects faster, with little additional effort and overheads required. As a project manager you can:

  • Create, publish and manage translations in fewer steps thanks to automation and built-in notifications. You can also cut down on the number of administrative tasks associated with managing projects to keep things running smoothly.
  • Gain real-time visibility of project progress through a customizable project dashboard, making staying on top of your workload a breeze; closely monitor deadlines and catch any escalations before they become critical.
  • Benefit from centralized linguistic resources. With your project files and resources in one location in the cloud, everyone can access and leverage the most up to date content at the same time. Version control is no longer an issue as everything is automatically synced back to the cloud. With everyone using the same content it will be easier to achieve consist and high quality translations. 
  • Empower your clients to take control of part of the project process by enabling them to submit, receive and track their work through the system themselves, freeing up your project managers to focus on other tasks.

Flexibility to adapt to change

In order to be successful, businesses need to be agile and adaptable to whatever life throws at them; companies’ policies may have to change quickly to allow for remote working, individuals’ personal circumstances may alter abruptly and computer hardware may even let you down. Regardless of the situation and the size of your business, it’s imperative your technology is flexible enough to accommodate any changes you may face. 

Trados Live Team is a versatile translation environment that offers an array of project management and translation options. You can securely create, translate, manage and review files across desktop, web and mobile, so you can remain in touch with your workload no matter where you are. Furthermore, Trados Live Team is seamlessly integrated with Trados Studio 2021, offering users the choice to work online in the cloud, or offline in your desktop tool. The two environments are seamlessly linked so you can move between them with ease. 

When last minute changes occur, you can quickly and easily add new project managers or translators to a project, plus when working with Trados Live Team you also have the option to work with translators that do not own Trados Studio by simply providing them access to Trados Live’s online editor, increasing your pool of translators. 

Grow your Trados ecosystem as your needs evolve

As your business evolves, you may find you need to connect to other tools and systems to expand your services, further increase efficiencies and streamline processes.

You can build your Trados ecosystem by connecting Trados Live Team to other Trados solutions such as; Trados Studio (our leading CAT tool), Trados Business Manager (for quoting and invoicing) or Passolo (for software localization). Trados Live Team APIs and connectors are also available to connect systems to your existing business applications, enabling you to speed up processes whilst keeping costs down. 

Security - peace of mind for you and your clients

Protecting your clients’ information is not only important for legal reasons, but it’s also a necessity in order to forge and maintain strong relationships with them. As we all know, you need repeat business to succeed! You can rest assured that we have put security processes and controls in place to help us comply with the latest standards, regulations and certificates. Moreover, with Trados Live Team you can control who has the right to work on your projects with time-limited access to project files and resources.

What’s more?

As Trados Live Team is a cloud-based (or software as a service) system, there’s next to no IT involvement required to set it up- no infrastructure to deploy and no software to install, meaning you can get up and running with the technology straight away. By investing in this cloud solution, you can update and enhance your subscription as your team grows by adding additional users with ease, plus gain free and immediate access to all future updates and upgrades.

It’s safe to say, that every feature in Trados Live Team has been designed with scalability in mind in order to support you and your growing business. With significant time saved at every step of the process, you’ll never have to turn down a client again.

If you would like to learn more about Trados Live Team contact us today.