Trados Business Manager

Discover the latest release of Trados Business Manager

Trados Business Manager has been overhauled to better meet the needs of the translation industry. Read on to learn about its new interface, customization options and improved integrations.

With a completely revamped user interface, new ways to customize your workspace, deeper integrations with Trados solutions and faster processing, this release is more than just an update. Based on user feedback, Trados Business Manager has been overhauled to better meet the needs of the localisation industry - in many ways it feels like we are releasing a brand new product!

Before we delve into what these exciting new and improved features are, and how these will inevitably change the way you work, I’d like to take a minute to recap exactly what Trados Business Manager is and how it can help your translation business operate more efficiently.

What is Trados Business Manager?

Keeping track of jobs, managing customer and vendor details, reporting, plus creating and sending accurate quotes and invoices are vital operational tasks required to run a translation business. However, these processes can be quite manual and take time away from what matters most - delivering high quality translations, fast. 

Trados Business Manager offers a dedicated environment to help you manage all of the above and more. Through automation, you can efficiently track a translation job from start to finish, speed up your translation processes and reduce manual tasks. Plus, with visual dashboards available for tracking and reporting on your business performance, you’ll have complete transparency across your company.

Working seamlessly with Trados Studio, Trados GroupShare and Trados Live Team, Trados Business Manager is the perfect companion to streamline your business operations. If you’re new to Trados Business Manager, you can find out more about this great solution in our product brief.

What's new?

Now we all know exactly what Trados Business Manager is, it’s time to share some of the great new features available in our latest release, Trados Business Manager 6. Here are the highlights:

Completely refreshed user experience

Firstly, Trados Business Manager has been completely rewritten and is now built on state-of-the-art 64-bit technology, offering a more modern and responsive user interface. As a user this means the solution is faster and easier to navigate; with a new feature to pin tabs that you wish to quickly and easily access, a visual filter builder for creating complex filtering options and live content filters to refine your views, you will always be able to quickly find what you are looking for. 

In addition, Trados Business Manager now offers real-time notifications which immediately notify active users of any actions performed within the system - for example, when a new project is created or completed. This allows users to stay up to date and informed at all times.  

New ways to personalize your workspace

Every translation business has their own unique way of working, so it’s vital you have the ability to tailor your environment to suit your requirements. With the latest release of Trados Business Manager, there are now even more ways to personalize your software.

You have always been able to set users roles in Trados Business Manager and define what content each user group is allowed to view, but we’ve now taken this one step further. In Trados Business Manager 6, as an administrator you can also select how content is displayed, customizing views per user, per role type or across the whole platform. You can also create different layout schemes so each user has a unique experience, set specific default dashboards for each user or user group, design different data entry forms for each client in the customer portal and more - the possibilities are endless!

What’s more, you can also access Trados Business Manager APIs to further customize your Trados Business Manager tool. For example, with these APIs, you can create a connector to connect Trados Business Manager to your accounting software or content management system, use data in Trados Business Manager to create reports externally, or even create a whole new view to show you something not currently available. As long as the information is recorded in Trados Business Manager, you can do anything with it.

Enhanced customer and vendor portals

Existing Trados Business Manager users may already be familiar with our vendor and customer portals which help to improve overall business efficiency and save time for everyone in your supply chain. In the latest release of Trados Business Manager, these have been further enhanced to improve the user’s experience.

In the client portal you now have the option to save job and project requests as drafts and batch upload files by simply dragging them to the file manager. 

The vendor portal boasts a completely redesigned assignment delivery user interface, making it much easier for vendors to deliver jobs and upload files for translation. Users can also benefit from a new vendor activity report enabling them to quickly view what jobs they are working on and access project details. This makes vendor assignment a breeze.

A scalable solution catering for the whole supply chain

We’re also happy to announce Trados Business Manager 6 is now ready to grow with you, offering distinct packages built for individual translators, agencies and corporate translation teams alike.

  • For the freelance translator we have ‘Trados Business Manager Essential’ - a desktop solution with the core functionality required to manage your personal translation business.
  • ‘Trados Business Manager Team’ is available through a web application for those in small teams looking to collaborate with others. Customer, vendor portals and the API are available as additional add-ons.
  • ‘Trados Business Manager Enterprise’ is our fully –fledged, end-to-end business management solution, with customer, vendor portals and the API included.
With the flexibility offered by the three Trados Business Manager packages, this is the ideal solution to support your translation business — no matter its size. Moreover, Trados Business Manager Team and Enterprise can be installed on a server on-premises or as a private hosted solution managed by RWS. Plus, Trados Business Manager Enterprise supports multi-tenancy, which can easily be configured by an administrator from within the product.

And much, much more…

And that’s about all I can squeeze into this blog, but there are many more enhancements that have been made - from enhanced audit trail capabilities and better file version control, the ability to connect to Trados Studio from a web-based environment, to new ways of calculating vendor payments and managing projects for charge-free customers. You can learn about all the new features and improvements that have been made to Trados Business Manager by reading our release notes. Or if you are already sold and ready to buy, visit our online shop or contact us today!