CAT Tools: Is It All About Price?

We were at the SDL Trados 30th Anniversary party in Stuttgart in November last year, where we held a small focus group for a number of translation professionals and we asked them the question – ‘Is it all about the price?’ After some deliberation and discussion they decided it is not just about price, it is more about ‘value’. One freelance translator notably commented:

‘It’s a difficult question. What price would you put on the indispensable tools that support the success of your business?’

They told us they justify the price of what they buy by asking ‘what return will I get out of using this purchase?’ In other words what are my ‘cost-saving’ factors and which ‘revenue-generating’ benefits can I take advantage of?

A few questions for you to consider…

  • We all know about the time-savings available in the form of increased efficiency – how much faster can you complete a piece of work than you would if you didn’t have a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool?
  • Think about how many times you would translate and re-translate the same text without a CAT tool?
  • How much can you reduce your administration load by streamlining your processes?

Generating revenue with a CAT tool

So I’ve highlighted some time-savings in the form of increased efficiency but what about the ‘revenue-generating’ benefits of a CAT tool? Could you gain much more repeat business because you are raising the quality of your output with an accurately maintained translation memory (TM) and associated terminology database? Can you do more work because you are working faster?

Studio 2014 provides even more ways to boost your translation speed even further. One way to quickly build up your TMs is to connect to SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation (MT), a cloud-based industry-specific MT. It can be used in combination with your terminology, and is fully accessible from within SDL Trados Studio 2014.

Another question I’d like you to think about is ‘how much of a ‘revenue-generating’ asset is your own personally maintained TM when you work on projects from particular customer or industry sector?’

With SDL Language Cloud MT you can build your industry specific assets even quicker and with less effort. It provides translators with instant access to specific industry machine translations: for sectors such as travel, automotive, IT, electronics and life sciences, you will be able to build assets quicker with less effort.

SDL Language Cloud MT also provides users with the capability to customize MT output with personal terms and brand names, resulting in what I mentioned earlier, faster and high quality translations.

You should see a CAT tool as a valuable investment, so it seems that no, it is not just about price!

And there’s more…

If you weren’t aware of our SDL OpenExchange app store already, then here is a quick introduction – The SDL OpenExchange is the first CAT tool developer program and associated App Store for the translation industry.

What’s great about the SDL OpenExchange is you can extend the functionality of SDL Trados Studio 2014, saving you even more time and helping you be even more productive. Have a look and discover a range of interesting apps that can help you complete your projects more easily.

My final thoughts…

If you would like to discover the value of SDL Trados Studio 2014 for you or your business, try our brand new ROI calculator to see how we can help you increase your revenue.