what is a cat tool

What is a CAT Tool and How Can it Benefit Translators?

The first in our Translation 101 series with Massimo Ghislandi, EVP of Translation Productivity at SDL, is all about CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation). In this blog, you will learn the fundamental basics of a CAT tool and how this translation software can help you be more productive by translating faster.

Today, Massimo will cover 7 topics to help you learn everything you need to know about CAT tools. These topics are:

If you want to watch all the videos available, scroll down to view each individual topic presented by Massimo. If there are only a few topics you are interested in watching, please feel free to click the links above to skip to your desired video.

What a CAT tool is and what a CAT tool is not


What are the core components of a CAT tool?


An introduction to translation memory technology


An introduction to termbases


How can dictionaries be used in a CAT tool?


What is machine translation?


What are the benefits of a CAT tool?

To watch the ‘What is a CAT tool?’ video in full, click here.

I hope these short videos have given you a great insight into how a CAT tool works and how it can benefit you and your translations. Now you know everything about CAT tools, it’s time to learn more about translation memory, in the next installment of our Translation 101 series.

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