Better Support for MS Word documents in SDL Trados Studio 2015

As a translator, delivering high-quality translations on time is a top priority and at SDL we have worked hard to ensure that this is always possible. We have continued these efforts with the new Microsoft Word 2007-2016 filter in SDL Trados Studio 2015.

With SDL Trados Studio 2015 Service Release 1, we have introduced a number of new options enabling you to choose what happens when internal tagging issues are encountered, so that you can generate your translated file every time.

The new MS Word 2007-2016 filter in SDL Trados Studio 2015, which was in technical preview at launch, but is now production ready, has been completely redesigned based on our customers’ long-term feedback. This is available alongside the two legacy MS Word file types, but the 2007-2013 filter is still the default, enabling you to complete any ongoing projects without disruption. If you would like to make the new filter the default, simply move it above the legacy filters or uncheck the legacy filters.

Microsoft World Filter 2007-2016 for SDL Trados Studio 2015

What’s great about this new filter is the increased flexibility it gives when you discover any errors in the internal tagging within target sentences. You can now take back control and decide how Studio should behave when these errors occur.

inline tags SDL Trados Studio 2015

So what do these options mean?

  • Use source segment content will copy the source sentence with all tagging into the target file.
  • Continue with errors will skip saving this particular target segment in order to continue with the next one, with no permanent error preventing you from saving the target file.
  • Stop processing is the behavior of the legacy filter, which was strict in terms of ensuring all internal tags matched between the source and target. It will show an error message and not save the target file.

There’s more good news in the fact that we have completely redesigned handling of both SmartArt and content controls, so if you work with these more complex types of Word document you can be confident that Studio can process them. There is also much improved performance for those who work with right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

In addition to this, we have simplified the handling of hyperlinks and enhanced the handling of advanced character formatting for outline and other character styles. What’s more, you can now work with even more flavors of MS Word documents straight out of the box – be it Google Docs, Libre Office etc. – not to mention the fact that the filter fully supports files created using MS Office 2016.

In technology we often talk of enhanced robustness. What this means in real terms is that this new filter alone consists of over 47,000 lines of code which you can be sure have been tested several hundred times to ensure the highest possible level of quality. So not only can this new filter do more, but it performs better than ever. At SDL we have heard your feedback and continue to work hard to deliver the most permissive, flexible and user-friendly tool possible.

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