SDL Trados Business Manager

BaccS Lite - the business management tool that simplifies translators’ lives

Integrated with SDL Trados Studio, BaccS Lite makes quoting and invoicing a breeze

Updated September 10th 2019: BaccS is now SDL Trados Business Manager. Learn more here.

How often have you wished there was a quick way to create quotes and invoices, that didn't take away from your translation and editing time? Perhaps you'd like to know who your highest-spending client is, or which of your language pairs brings in the most revenue? Unless you've had time to sit down with your calculator, you may not have too much insight into how your translation business is running.

Now there's a quick and easy way to do all of the above: using BaccS Lite. Developed specifically for independent translators, BaccS Lite is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly with the latest release of SDL Trados Studio 2019. Through automation, it speeds up quoting and invoicing, and provides plenty of options for reporting on and analysing projects. 

Perhaps best of all, you can do it all without ever leaving the familiar Studio environment.

Easy quoting and invoicing

With the BaccS Lite plug-in installed, quoting is no longer the manual chore it once was. You can prepare quotes quickly using automatic calculations based on your customer data and rate lists, any applicable tax information, and project analysis data. You can even use analysis data imported from other CAT tools. 

Once a project is complete, you can raise the invoice in just a few clicks. If you need to invoice based on the time you spend editing a project in Studio, simply use the BaccS Lite time tracker to record the time and automate the inclusion of the corresponding fee into the invoice. 

You can export quotes and invoices in several different file types (including Excel, PDF and HTML) to send out to customers, and you'll find there are lots of options for customising quote and invoice templates. Most importantly perhaps, invoice tracking and management means invoices are never forgotten. And if you need it, BaccS Lite includes the option to manage your accounts in multiple currencies.

Dashboard-based tracking and reporting

A dashboard gives you an overview of all your quotes and invoices, making it easy to see their status and analyse volumes. You can also keep track of ongoing projects and unpaid invoices, and gain insights into other aspects of your business, such as top customers and language pairs. It is possible to share reports by exporting any chart, grid or pivot table.

Is BaccS Lite right for you?

If you're a freelance translator looking for an easier way to manage quotes and invoices and gain insight into your business, BaccS Lite offers everything you need. It's available in multiple languages, too — the language will be automatically set to match your installation of Studio. 

To use BaccS Lite, you need the latest version of SDL Trados Studio 2019. So if you haven't upgraded already, now is a great time to do so and gain access to lots of useful new features and functionality.

BaccS Lite is suitable for individual users. If you're part of a team, take a look at the desktop version of BaccS, which includes additional features for groups and companies.

Next steps — free trial

To see for yourself how BaccS Lite would make your life easier, take advantage of our free trial. Simply download the plug-in and use it to create up to 15 quotes and 15 invoices.
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