What is Your Attitude Towards Translation Technology?

As a company, we are consistently keeping up to date and monitoring ongoing trends within the translation industry, especially when it comes to translation technology. To gain a further understanding of the translation industry today, we recently conducted a Translation Technology Insights Survey which had 2,784 responses from freelance translators, Language Service Providers and organizations to see how technology was shaping the translation industry.

What is the future for the cloud? What is the general feeling about machine translation? And what should the industry be focusing on for the future? These are questions that were all answered as part of the survey.

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So, when it comes to technology, are you ready for future developments? Translation technology is all around us; whether it is CAT Tools, Machine Translation, Software Localization, Terminology Management Software and much more – they are being used more than ever! But what is your attitude towards adopting translation technology such as these?

We have created a quiz which will hopefully give you the answer to this question. The quiz will ask you to answer seven questions to see which of the following five categories you fall under:

  1. Non-adopter: you really don’t like technology
  2. Late Majority: you wait for technology to be tried and tested before adopting it
  3. Early Majority: you adopt technology after a certain amount of time, usually because of a recommendation
  4. Early Adopter: you understand that adopting technology will help maintain your competitive advantage
  5. Innovator: you love technology and innovation and hold a positive influence within the industry.

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Once you have completed the quiz, your result will appear and you will also be able to see how you compare with other freelance translators, Language Service Providers or organizations. You can even see how your results compare to those from other continents.

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