A Major Milestone – 100,000 Studio Licences Sold!

Today has been a big day for SDL Language Solutions. We have just shipped our 100,000th SDL Trados Studio license!

This is significant and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers who have been choosing our product over the years and who are a valuable part of our SDL community.

If you allow me to indulge in some math, there is something quite remarkable which I noticed. We have around 200,000 licenses in the market of which 100,000 are now SDL Trados Studio (2009, 2011 or 2014), rather than Trados or SDLX. What’s the interesting part? In what can only be described as a marketing dream, we are also celebrating another milestone, the 30th Anniversary of Trados. So when you put all of these dates and numbers together it shows that Translation Memory – although old technology by some measures (or “proven" to use marketing jargon) – is still being adopted at a pretty rapid pace. It took Trados 20 years to reach the 50,000 mark … and in 5 years we have got to 100,000 Studio licenses. I think it is a very healthy sign which proves that despite few people predicting the demise of translation memory and of course the rise of machine translation, the reality has not quite happened as I heard it predicted at industry conferences.

Translation, translation software and machine translation are all co-existing. In fact I see many ways in which these 2 tools can better operate together in the future. Something which I think SDL is in quite a unique position to leverage having both these technologies available under one roof. I am really excited about some of the developments I see on the horizon which will make Studio an even more powerful and future proof product, offering the opportunity to translate a little bit more of the ocean of content which is created every day.

One more thing I think has changed over the years: how “we", SDL, relate and collaborate with the translation community. Looking back in time again – few years ago – our interaction as a company with the translation community was quite minimal. If one of our staff posted on translation forums we were politely or impolitely asked to leave the forum (I have been at the receiving end of this!). Now days, we provide many more learning opportunities and we can participate much more actively in many translation forums: through our extensive webinar program which we launched in 2008, we have for example the opportunity to communicate to over 2,000 people per month. We have increased significantly our roadshow numbers and size which give us a great platform to communicate in person with many of our users. We also have an active beta community, a unique program like OpenExchange and a live chat available on our site. So hopefully there is something for each and every one of our 100,000 Studio users to benefit from and make the most of our software.

So, thank you very much again for choosing SDL and our products. I am looking forward to celebrating the next 100,000 Studio licenses soon and in the meantime we will continue to bring innovation and interesting developments to our community and the translation industry.

If you’re not one of our 100,000 license holders, download the free 30-day trial now!