5 Resources to Help Grow Your Freelance Translation Business

A few months ago, we launched 30 free resources to help you grow and develop your freelance translation business. We gathered the opinions of some of the best localization professionals and business development coaches, with the aim of providing you with tips to help your freelance business flourish.

All 30 resources have been hugely popular within the translation community, so we have put together a shortlist of the top 5:

1. Time management and productivity strategies for freelance translators

Staying on top of time management is key for any translator. Do you often tell yourself “I don’t have time" or “it isn’t a priority"? During this webinar with Corinne McKay, she will show you how to take back control of your schedule with practical advice and tips to change your habits.

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2. How do agencies select freelance translators for projects?

Have you ever wondered what a translation agency is looking for when they select a freelance translator for a project? In this guide by Mark Robinson, the Director of Alexika, he explains what his agency is looking for when hiring translators and shares some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd.

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3. How to negotiate with potential and existing clients whilst maintaining good relationships

Negotiating with clients can be stressful and intimidating at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Whilst it might be one of your least favorite things to do, getting it right will have a big impact on your business. In this webinar, Judy Jenner will share new negotiating techniques with you and advice to keep in mind when negotiating with clients.

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4. The freelance translators guide to LinkedIn

How can you use LinkedIn to gain new business in 2017? With LinkedIn’s aim to connect people online, it is the perfect place to develop new and existing relationships with clients. Read this guide for tips on how to get started with LinkedIn for your freelance translation business.

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5. Typing tips for translators

Are you a touch typer or a two finger fiend? Do you want to learn shortcuts and keyboard tricks to speed up your translations in SDL Trados Studio? Watch this webinar with Emma Goldsmith, who will show you how you can improve your typing skills and translate even faster.

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If you interested in viewing all 30 resources to help grow your freelance translation business, click here.

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