10 Business, Career and Lifestyle Tips for Translators in 2017

The turn of the year is often a point of reflection for many people. “What are my goals this year? What do I want to achieve?" These questions and deliberations can go on and on.

To help with some of these questions, we have put together a list of 10 blogs which includes advice for 2017 from translators themselves. I hope you find them useful.

Translation tips for 2017 from translators at ATA 57

In November 2016 during ATA 57 in San Francisco, we asked translators what tips they would give their fellow translators for 2017. We received a range of responses including tips on networking, not cutting rates and marketing techniques.

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Looking to get on top of your time management in 2017?

Marie Jackson, shares 4 time management tips which will help to increase your translation productivity and leave you feeling stress-free.

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Thinking of moving from Project Management to freelance translation?

In 2013, Angela Benoit made the decision to move from a Project Manager position and become a Freelance Translator. If you are thinking of a similar career change, this interview with Angela might answer many questions you have.

Read about Angela’s experience of moving from a Project Manager to Freelance Translator >


4 ways a translator can make a multilingual website awesome

From translating website user interface (UI) to writing and translating content to improving website terminology, a translator has a huge impact on multilingual websites. If you see this as an area you would like to learn more about, this blog written by Maria Pia Montoro is for you.

Discover how a translator can make a multilingual website awesome >


Start blogging in 2017 to get your expert knowledge and business noticed

Starting a blog is not only great for SEO purposes for your translation business but it is also a great way to show prospective clients your specialist knowledge of their sector and the translation tools you are using.

Are you passionate about developing trends in the industry? Why not blog about it!

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Should I do more on social media in 2017?

There are over 2 billion active social media accounts and 28% of all time spent on the internet is via social media. Your audience is out there, whether it is on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s time to join the conversation.

How can you use social media to enhance your translation business? Read here >


Take care of yourself and your business in 2017

Chloe Watts, Yoga Instructor, shares a few tips on how to stay healthy and active when you’re sitting at a desk for many hours (a daily occurrence for all translators). From desk yoga to short walks during your breaks, Chloe has you covered.

Take a look at Chloe’s advice for a healthy life and business in 2017 >


The importance of terminology management

Effectively managing your terminology should be a high priority in 2017. In this interview with Patricia Brenes, an ECQA certified Terminology Manager, she explains why terminology is so important and what trends she expects to impact the industry.

Find out more from Patricia about why terminology is so important in the world we live in >


Are you a student thinking about moving into freelance translation?

At ATA 57 in San Francisco, Meghan McCallum and Sarah Puchner, French to English translators, hosted a session on ‘Transitioning from Student to Translator: Strategies for Success.’ A few weeks after the event we caught up with Meghan, to discuss the challenges students face when they are looking to become a freelance translator.

Find out what advice Meghan has for students and graduates here >


Are you looking to find out more about the world of football translation?

Before Euro 2016 last year, we interviewed Marc Joss, a translator and interpreter who has worked with footballers such as Santi Cazorla, Thierry Henry and Dmitri Payet. He also helped translate Spanish football expert Guillem Balague’s, book and worked on translating subtitles on a Cristiano Ronaldo documentary.

In this interview Marc discusses a range of topics including the importance of networking, how he got into football translation and interpretation and some advice for budding football translators.

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