As a long-standing Trados Approved Reseller, we offer our own solutions for particular market niches, always tightly integrated with the standard RWS software platforms.

About us

Since 1996 we have been offering cutting-edge and market-leading software, teamed up with profound technical know-how in the areas of documentation, translation and terminology. We flexibly tailor our solutions to precisely fit your needs, and it is our goal to find a solution for all your multilingual information management needs. 

As a long-standing Trados Technology Partner and Approved Reseller, we also offer our own solutions for particular market niches, always tightly integrated with the standard Trados software platforms. Such solutions are Kalcium Quickterm, our terminology workflow system, Kalcium Globalreview as a translation review portal, and our „Tools for Language Workers“ grouped together under the label expertTools.

Address: Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 99-101, Top B3A, 1030 Vienna, Austria 

Email: susanne@kaleidoscope.at

Telephone: +43 1 253 5 352 / 17

Fax: +43 1 253 5 352 / 52

Kalcium Quickterm

Kalcium Quickterm is both a quick and easy-to-understand terminology lookup tool, as well as a workflow-solution for term requests, approvals and translation. 

  • Search MultiTerm data from within all Windows applications, using a Hotkey 
  • Request terminology 
  • Manage approval and translation workflows with task lists and email-notification 
  • Reduce the complexity of termbase structures and terminology workflows with a simple, adaptable interface

Kalcium Globalreview

Kalcium Globalreview is a web-based platform for online review of translations. 

  • Upload Trados translation files to a web portal 
  • Reviewers comfortably edit the translation in the web, using match information from the TM, terminology recognition and tag protection 
  • The original translators can cross-check all reviewer changes using the track changes and commenting features 
  • The output is a final translation file for further processing in Trados Studio 
For specific formats, particularly Adobe InDesign, Globalreview uses the Add-On „Flyer-Ex TOR“ to enable web-based review directly within the layout. Reviewers actually see the translation in layout including all images, and they can directly edit the text on screen. All changes are read back to InDesign and to Globalreview for further processing with Trados Studio.

expertTools – Solutions for Language Workers

Our expertTools are a collection of different tools for specific tasks with RWS products: 

  • Excelling MultiTerm: Bidirectional data exchange between Microsoft Excel and MultiTerm, for instance for offline-approval, batch changes or translation of terminology
  • TTX Splitter: Split and re-merge large TTX files for easier translation handling 
  • Synching Language: Synchronize TMs or termbases between servers and/or clients 
  • Duplicate Checker: Check TMs or termbases for duplicates 
  • ... and many more