Vendor Training for Trados Enterprise and Trados Accelerate

This Trados eLearning course provides an overview of Trados Accelerate and Trados Enterprise for the persona of a Vendor user.

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The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Introduction to Trados
  • Inbox Overview
  • Reviewing Vendor Quotes
  • Engineering
  • Translating Online in Trados Studio
  • Translating Offline in Trados Studio
  • Translating in Online Editor
  • Desktop Publishing Tasks
  • Vendor Self-Management
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The eLearning course is primarily designed for vendor project managers, translators and engineers. This course enables users to get up to speed and start using the applications quickly and efficiently.

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The course is 2 hours long and can be viewed and then used as a post-course reference tool.

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This eLearning course is hosted in our RWS University learning portal. Each user will be given individual access to the course and will be able to take it at their own pace.

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