Lean, quick, easy: Terminology work in a slim-fit outfit

Less is often more, which is why we’ll show you how to start or revive your terminology work with a perfectly fitting ‘suit’. For successful terminology work, you will need intelligent focus areas as well as the right processes and tools. 
Watch this recorded webinar to learn how this reduced approach can help you achieve impressive terminology results for your business, and how you can put together your slim-fit outfit for your terminology. We discuss questions such as: 
  1.  How do I measure up and what aspects should I focus on in our terminology work?
  2.  We look into the closet: which ‘garments’ or terminology work already carried out can be reused?
  3.  Which garments do I absolutely need or which terminology basics do I need to carry out?
  4.  How can I achieve even more with just a little effort and some choice accessories?
This content is in English.
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