About us:

CTI was founded in 1973 and is a leader in the Italian language services sector. CTI provides Masters courses and is a full service translation agency. As an agency we are perfectly aware of our clients needs in terms of knowledge of languages with industry specialisms. For this reason we are able to offer comprehensive assistance that no other agency can guarantee.CTI has a vast team of collaborators (over 10,000 to date) trained and selected for all European and non-European languages, specialised in the agri-food, medical-pharmaceutical, environmental, energetic, economic-financial, tax, legal, IT and technical sectors.  We have 1.522 clients including large and medium-sized companies, multinationals, organizations and institutions. We are also EXPO service providers. Our projects - 13,924 translation, Interpreting, Hostess/steward and stand assistant supply projects managed over the last seven years. Millions of words translated.

Courses offered:

  • Master Economics and Finance for translators and interpreters
  • Master Medicine and Pharmacology for translators and interpreters
  • Master IT and Localisation for translators and interpreters