Available in four different editions, depending on your requirements.
Desktop translation cog
Cog translation cursor
Document round circles
Desktop translation cog

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Team Edition / Collaboration edition
Professional edition
Translator edition
WYSIWYG editor for dialogues and menus
Bitmap editor for icons and cursors
Integrations of third-party editors
Update features
Alignment feature
Pseudo translation feature
Automated translation
Translation memory
Translation assistant
High-speed fuzzy matching technology (QuickIndex) for interactive translation
Concordance search
Direct look-up in Trados Studio or Trados TM Server / MultiTerm Server / Trados GroupShare
Support for cascaded projects (localizing with pivot language)
Display an additional reference language
Full history of edits including roll-back
Find & replace text strings
Grouping and hiding dialogue elements
Filter text strings
Sort translation list
Text file import/export (UNICODE and ASCII)
CSV file import/export (UNICODE and ASCII)
Import of Microsoft Glossary
Passolo glossary export
TMX 1.4 Level 2 export
XML export/import for various translation systems
Selectable checks for common localization errors
Text length check and pixel width check
Terminology check
Consistency check for translations
Spell checking with Microsoft Word
Reports and statistics
Create translation bundles
Edit translation bundles
Create Team Edition translation bundles
Edit Team Edition translation bundles
Create translation bundles that can be synchronized with the original project via network folder, FTP/SFTP server or Box cloud storage platform
(Collaboration only)
(FTP/Box export target)
Export Passolo string lists to SDLXLIFF format
Publish Passolo string lists directly to Trados Enterprise, Trados Team and Trados GroupShare
Included with Collaboration Edition, optional paid add-on for Team Edition
Optional paid add-on
Runtime engine for VBA-compatible macros
IDE with editor and debugger
OLE automation enabled