Trados Certification

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What is the Trados certification program?

The Trados Certification Program is the industry's premier technology-based certification which provides a recognized standard of excellence in Trados software knowledge. It's a comprehensive professional education program designed to develop and validate expertise in the use of Trados translation productivity tools. 

The Trados Certification program is designed to help educate the Trados user community on the latest technological developments and best practices in translation technology, terminology management, machine translation and automated quality assurance checks. 

To enable RWS to register you for the any of our Certification exams and issue your certificates, Trados will have to process your Personal data. In providing these services Trados may use services of third parties located in and outside the EU with which Trados will have appropriate data processing agreements. Further information on the processing of personal data by RWS available in the RWS Privacy Notice at RWS Privacy.

Trados Certification Options

There are 3 levels of certification exams and training offered for Trados Studio.

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What are the requirements to get your team started with Trados Certification?

  1. Own a legal, company-registered license(s) of Trados Studio. 
  2. Study / Prepare to pass the suggested level - Trados Approved Training courses will help you prepare for the certification. 
  3. On successful completion of the each exam will award the Trados Certification for the corresponding level. You will also receive a link to download a certification logo that can be displayed in your email signature or on your website. 

If you have any further queries or require help with booking your training then please contact us.

How do you transition your Trados certification from Trados Studio 2019 to 2021?

If you have already passed any of the Trados Studio 2019 exams, you can buy the Trados Studio 2021 New Features exam via our online store. If you pass that you will be have your specific Certification updated to the 2021 version. For example, if you have passed Trados Studio 2019 Level 1 exam and then pass the Trados Studio 2021 New Features exam, you will receive Trados Studio 2021 Level 1 Certification.

If you have older versions of the Trados Studio or MultiTerm exams in your RWS Account but have not yet taken them, they will remain in your RWS Account. To keep your Trados Certification current, individuals will need to purchase and take the new Trados Studio 2021 exams.

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