Why You Should Consider Blogging as a Freelance Translator

In my previous blog, I highlighted the impact social media could have on your freelance translation business. Taking this one step further, blogging is also an effective way to enhance your freelance business. It is easier than ever to create your own blog, whether it is with WordPress or Blogger, and it costs nothing (unless you are looking to host the blog on your website, click here to find out more). So why should you blog? Here are 3 reasons why.

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1. Share your specialist knowledge

Whether it is legal translation, medical translation or sports translation, writing about key industry insights and trends will help you get noticed in your specialist field. Not only do prospective clients gain the opportunity to discover your knowledge, they also gain a greater understanding of your writing and communication skills.

2. Share advice, experiences and best practices

When you are planning your blog content, consider sharing any advice you might have that could benefit other translators, for example “What to expect as a fresh faced freelance translator." Sharing advice helps you build relationships with other translators within the translation community, which could also see your peers recommend you for jobs that may have been passed their way.

Also consider sharing your experiences, whether it is how you work with an agency or the translation software you are using. Just remember, if you’ve had a bad experience try not to blog in the ‘heat of the moment’ and go on a long, arduous rant about negative experiences with a client. Always try to remain professional or it could affect your freelance translation business negatively.

3. Conferences and events

Have you attended a translation or localization conference? Why not write a blog about your time at the event. You could write about what you have learned, the networking opportunities as a result of attending or the confidence you gained. Blogging about these events can show prospective clients you are interested in developing your professional career, whilst attracting a new audience of translators who you might not have been able to network with during the event.

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How to promote your blog

Once you have created a blog and your creative juices have been flowing, you should have your first published blog post, how can you promote it? I have listed a few methods that are relevant to both new and more experienced bloggers:

Promote on social media

Use your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and Google+ to promote your blog and drive traffic to your website. If you are a member of groups on these social networks, post your blog in them and start a discussion around it.

Post your blog on LinkedIn using the ‘Publish Post’ feature

LinkedIn now has a publishing feature, a great way to publish your blog posts on a business professional network, which could lead to prospective clients reading your blog and consider working with you.

Add email subscription to your blog

If you host your blog on WordPress, there are many widgets to enable you to add a ‘sign up’ service letting your users sign up to your blog and receive an email whenever a new post is published.

Make it easy for people to share your blog

Let your readers publicize your blog posts for you by adding social sharing buttons, which gives them the chance to share a blog they have found interesting to their social profiles or through an email.

Guest Blogging

Do you know other translators who blog? Have you considered writing a blog for a translation software provider? Guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure with an audience who may not be aware of your blog and give you the opportunity to develop new relationships. When you write a guest blog remember to include links to your freelance translation website in your author bio, so people can find out more about you and your business.

Submit your blog to The Open Mic

Launched in 2015 by Dmitry Kornyukhov, The Open Mic is a blogging platform for translators to share their experiences and knowledge. All you need to do is register and you are ready to submit your blog post to a community of translators and industry experts.

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