What’s all the fuss about PEMT?

The end of June has brought some good news to translators everywhere: SDL has launched a new Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) training course…and it’s free! Register for the course any time in the next six months and you can attend all three modules of the course and take your certification exam without paying a penny. So what exactly is post-editing, and how does it benefit you?

What is PEMT?

Machine translation isn’t perfect; anyone who’s tried to read a foreign-language webpage using FreeTranslation.com or Google Translate knows that. It is, however, very quick and cost-effective, two qualities that are attractive to businesses everywhere. Post-Editing Machine Translation is the middle-ground between pure machine translation and pure human translation.

Content is first run through a machine translation engine, preferably a bespoke trained engine like SDL BeGlobal to get the best results. This pre-translated content is then given to a trained Post-Editor who modifies and corrects any errors in the text. While the final product may not be as stylistically polished as one that was translated wholly by a human, it’s produced much quicker and at a lower cost, filling a niche role in the industry.

What will I learn?

The course comprises of three modules:

  • The History and Development of Machine Translation
  • Machine Translation Technologies and Engine Creation
  • Post-Editing and the use of SDL BeGlobal Baselines in SDL Trados Studio

We begin by covering the history of Machine Translation and discussing its place in the translation industry. This is followed by a breakdown of the different kinds of translation engines and the terminology associated with them. With that foundation covered, we move on to the meat of the training session: how to post-edit to a publishable quality. Techniques will be covered to boost your efficiency at the various standards of accepted post-editing, before the course ends with a practical demonstration of PEMT in multiple languages.

The modules are followed by a 30 minute exam over the course material. Once you pass the exam you’ll be able to add ‘SDL Certified Post-Editor of Machine Translation’ to your résumé and use your new-found knowledge to take on jobs in this new sector of the translation industry.

This new training opportunity has all of us at SDL very excited. Melissa Kane, Director of Intelligent Machine Translation Solutions, had this to say:

“SDL has a strong heritage with Machine Translation spanning almost 15 years. With the SDL Post Editing Certification, we are really excited to be sharing this expertise and experience with the wider industry in the hope of removing some of the mystique and fear around PEMT. Freelancers are increasingly being asked to accept Post-Editing jobs – but are wary of taking the plunge. This easily-digestible program is designed to give folk the skills and confidence to get started, without any financial outlay."

Don’t miss your opportunity; remember, the course will only be free for the first six months! Book your course now.