Top trending SDL AppStore apps of 2017 so far

Can you believe that we’re nearly halfway through the year? Personally, for me it’s flown by, partly because as a member of the SDL AppStore team I’ve been kept busy thanks to all the new apps coming in. We’ve already had 21 new apps published this year and have recently reached over 300,000 downloads. The great thing about apps is that whenever a new one has been developed, either by our own team or by 3rd party developers, it can be published on the app store as soon as it’s tested and ready, meaning you get a constant update of new functionality all year round.

With new, free apps being published frequently and an overall total of 211 apps available on the store, I wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the best apps released in 2017 so far.

1. Copy Tags

Copy Tags is a very recent addition to the app store however it’s already received a positive reception from users, claiming that it’s a great time saver when working with files that contain tags. It makes it quicker to translate segments with tags by reducing the amount of keystrokes. With a new right-click option or keyboard shortcut (Alt + T), it copies the tags from the source to the target segment without including the source text. That means less post-editing and typing so that you can translate through those segments at a faster pace!

See how the app works by watching my 3 minute demo video below.

Download Copy Tags


2. Vertical Review

Just released last week, Vertical Review hasn’t had a lot of attention yet but I think it will prove popular with users who are involved in reviewing. If you would prefer to review a translation with the source above the target rather than horizontally, this app adds a new window to the editor view of SDL Trados Studio that allows you to do so! You can even change the background colors of the source and target segments to make them easy to distinguish and read.

Download Vertical Review


3. Segment Status Switcher

If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of finding the correct buttons in the ribbon or menu then the Segment Status Switcher app may be really useful for you. It allows you to change the status of a segment to any type of status using your own choice of keyboard shortcuts that you can add yourself in the Setup menu. Normally to change a segment in Studio from translation approved back to draft for example, it would require 3 clicks, so shortcuts are handy to speed this process up.

Download Segment Status Switcher


4. LanguageTool Plugin

LanguageTool is an open source proof-reading program that supports over 20 languages. Their developers have created their own app so that its grammar and spell checking functionality is integrated and able to be used within Studio. It requires you to download the LanguageTool program onto your desktop or as a browser add-on, however, it’s completely free to do so. It provides similar functionality to the MSWord Grammar Checker app, however, the settings are more customizable.

Download LanguageTool Plugin


5. SDL Analyse

Have you ever wished for it to be more straightforward to send an analysis report of a project to your clients? Well with SDL Analyse, you don’t have to create a new project or even open Studio to perform the analysis. Simply drag and drop your projects into the app and it can create the report for you in various formats. The idea for SDL Analyse came from a freelancer who entered and won last year’s app idea competition. In a poll, It was voted as the most wanted new feature by about 800 users which showed us that it was a very sought after feature.

Download SDL Analyse

It’s well worth checking the app store regularly as there are great, new features to try every month that could make a difference to your translation work. The most common benefit I tend to notice from app reviews and direct feedback from users at events or in webinars is that many apps are brilliant at saving time on repetitive tasks.