SDL Trados Studio 2017: Transformation in Translation

This is a very interesting year for me at SDL! Not only it is my 10th anniversary of being part of this wonderful and fascinating industry, but we are all set to soon launch the new SDL Trados Studio 2017. What is particularly exciting is seeing the R&D effort we have put into our product development, resulting in some fantastic innovation, which I feel has the potential to transform how translations are performed.

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I would also like to additionally reflect on another point I feel very passionate about. It is not just about the products, but also how much we have changed as a company in the 10 years since I first walked through the doors at SDL. Not only have we increased the amount of content, free training and opportunities to learn that we provide, but we continue to listen more and more to what our customers and prospects are telling us. The Translation Technology Insight market research we conducted earlier this year, which surveyed over 2700 people, is a prime example of this.

Through the research, we learnt more deeply about what matters to you. We understood the scale of how much quality matters; the pressure on deadlines, how vital it is to be as productive as possible, the value of a good user experience, the necessity for collaboration and the role Cloud technology will play. The insights we have gained have been invaluable and have helped us shape the product and services we want to deliver to the industry today.

With SDL Trados Studio 2017 I believe we are going to continue to answer many of the challenges and demands highlighted above. We are bringing to the industry innovative features, which will transform how translators, project managers or reviewers can interact with our technology. There are three innovations which I think are significant and worth focusing on:

  • Our revolutionary AdaptiveMT engines (machine translation)
  • The smart upLIFT technology
  • An improved SDL Studio GroupShare


Let’s start with AdaptiveMT. I have been discussing for many years what role machine translation can play in the translation process. At times, this can still be a controversial topic. The content explosion and the pressure of translating more content in less time can only be fulfilled if we continue to evolve the ways in which translation software can help. How can we do this? What if we could give you much more control of what machine translation can do? What if it was effortless? AdaptiveMT provides some answers to these questions.

For the first time, machine translation will learn from your corrections. It is learning just for you! You will be able to create your very own personal machine translation engine with no additional effort. The engine will learn in real-time from your post-edits and you won’t need to correct the same problem time and time again.

We have been conducting studies on the effectiveness of this solution and the results are incredibly promising. Just like translation memory, they improve with time and they depend on content, however it is amazing to see how your correction makes its way in real-time into the MT results.

By combining AdaptiveMT with our AutoSuggest technology, you can translate faster than ever before! For those with privacy concerns, everything is private to each individual and confidentiality is an essential priority.

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upLIFT Technology

upLIFT technology is our second significant innovation, which changes how the translation memory works. This technology works in real-time and with no additional effort.

upLIFT technology speeds up translation and improves consistency in 2 ways:

  1. It automatically corrects fuzzy matches when you have translated part of a sentence before. For example, if you translated “I have a white car" and you need to translate “I have a red car", if you translated the word ‘RED’ before, Studio can automatically translate this sentence.
  2. Small fragments of segments which have been translated before can now be suggested in a super intelligent manner.

You will get really accurate suggestions based on previous translations. It is almost magic, not only speeding up translation but also helping to deliver a higher level of consistency.

SDL Studio GroupShare 2017

The third piece of innovation is around how people work together. A lot of effort has gone into our GroupShare server solution. This enables anyone in a localization project to share files, translation memories and terminology.

The new version of GroupShare will bring a significantly changed interface, making it much easier to use. It will also include a simplified way of handling multiple tasks for project managers and the ability to complete more tasks directly from the browser.

We have also removed Silverlight, making the web interface accessible from many more devices. But one of the most significant and exacting pieces of news is around the API. We are big believers in having an open platform. The SDL AppStore (formerly the SDL OpenExchange) is the best example in the industry of providing the ability to customize, extend and integrate a CAT Tool.

We are now extending what can be done with GroupShare. With the latest addition to the GroupShare API it will be possible to process files directly on the server and create applications to set-up and upload a project from a tablet. The possibilities are endless.

These are just some of the key changes that we are bringing with our upcoming release. There are many more improvements, which we will continue to share in the coming weeks and months. But I hope you will be positively surprised and ready to embrace the change that pioneering technology like AdaptiveMT, as well as upLIFT, will bring to you.

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