SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR: Bringing You Closer to Your Translations

The way you translate is about to change. Coming in September 2016 is ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR’, a world first Virtual Reality headset for a CAT Tool. With this latest development from SDL, you can immerse yourself in your translation environment.

Feel like you are in your CAT Tool as you translate, you will never have felt closer to your translations. What is even better about the ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR’ headset is with the location setting you can transport yourself to any country in the world. One minute you could be happily translating away at your desk and the next you could be translating in a café in Paris or a beach in Australia. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Announcing the planned release of the ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR’ headset, SDL’s VP of Translation Productivity, Massimo Ghislandi said “Virtual reality is going to take the world by storm in 2016 and SDL wants to be at the forefront of this technology." When questioned about what he is most excited about, Massimo could not hide his delight at the location setting, “I can’t wait to start translating with the ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR’ headset, especially with the option to transport myself to any country in the world. I can’t wait to feel like I am back in Milan, translating to my heart’s content with SDL Trados Studio 2015."

Please keep checking our blog for more updates as we get closer to the release of ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR.’

Until the release of the ‘SDL Trados Studio 2015 VR’ headset, don’t be a fool this April and download the free trial of the market-leading CAT Tool, SDL Trados Studio 2015.