SDL Trados GroupShare, a Cloud Solution

This month we reach another milestone at SDL as we launch our SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud solution, something we are all very excited about.

You are probably aware that SDL Studio GroupShare is an on-premise server solution. This is now a mature tried and tested product, offering a very robust, reliable and secure way for translation professionals to collaborate with each other.

However, in the last year we have seen an increasing demand for a ‘Cloud Collaboration’ solution and therefore we have developed SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud to meet this demand. This requirement was confirmed in our customer survey conducted earlier this year. When asked, over 50% of LSPs & Freelancers said that they we already using or looking to use a cloud based solution to share TMs, Projects and Terminology with external teams. Our Corporate customers although slightly lower still show a lot of appetite at just over 40%.

So what has and what is driving this interest and demand towards Cloud? Well for some, using server-based technology presents barriers; for example, investment in additional hardware, IT know-how and initial software outlay can prove prohibitive especially for smaller teams. A cloud-based solution such as SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud helps to bring down these barriers and de-risk investment, offering the following benefits.

  • Lower investment
  • Flexibility
  • Easy set up

Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail:

Lower investment

There is no need to invest in additional costs normally incurred with an installed on-premise server product such as IT, Professional Services or hardware. And you can also pay by subscription so that you control your costs.


Add additional people such as Translators or Project Managers as your business needs evolve, so you can basically scale according to your company’s demands and growth needs.

Easy set up

Set-up is straight forward and simple, and you are guided by SDL experts from the very beginning to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible. Maintenance is also taken care of by SDL so you never need to worry about latest version or on-going IT requirements.

“I’m very excited about the launch of SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud." said Luis Lopes, Product Manager at SDL. “For the first time ever we can offer leading-class Project Server, TM Server and MultiTerm Server technology to small teams that have a need to collaborate on projects."

So in the end the ideal solution seems to be a combination – all the advantages and depth of functionality project managers and translators find in the desktop, with the flexibility they find in the cloud. A perfect combination!

For more information please contact your local sales representative.