SDL AppStore’s Top 10 Apps of 2016 That You Should Try Today

It’s been yet another fantastic and interesting year for SDL AppStore – SDL’s unique translation app store and development platform; that allows users to customise and extend the capabilities of their translation software.

Since the launch of the new SDL AppStore website ( back last April, we’ve seen a great selection of new apps released reaching a total of 193 apps by the end of the year with 38 of them being brand new in 2016. As well as all of these new additions, many of the older customer favourites continued to show a lot of popularity proved by the many downloads they still received each month.

For anyone who is new to the SDL AppStore or has yet to discover some of the great productivity boosting apps available for SDL Trados Studio 2017, I believe that one of the best places to start is to look at which apps are the most popular with our customers. During my end of year reporting, I looked up which apps received the most downloads throughout 2016 and made a top 10 list including the top reason why each app can benefit you. I highly recommend you take a look and try even 1 or 2 of these if you haven’t yet done so. From the feedback I’ve received at events, in webinars and on the SDL Community, these apps have helped save time and made translation easier for our users!

1. Glossary Converter

This app allows you to convert terminology glossaries in a range of formats such as Excel into a Termbase (or vice versa) simply by dragging and dropping your files into the app’s interface.

Top reason to download this app: With the app only taking a few seconds to perform the conversion, it’s a very quick and simple way to convert terminology into the required format for you or your client to work with. As a huge time saver, there’s no wonder why it’s the most downloaded app for the 3rd year running!

Download the Glossary Converter >

2. Web Lookup!

Run a web search within Studio on any word or phrase from either your source or target text simply by highlighting and right-clicking the text you want to look up in the editor view. You can search from a selection of 40 different websites that come with the app or you can add your own favourites.

Top reason to download this app: Another big potential time saver as there’s no need to leave Studio’s interface to access your preferred web search sites whilst translating. Plus, it helps to avoid distractions faced when browsing the web.

Download Web Lookup >

3. MSWord Grammar Checker

This  app enables you to use Microsoft Word’s grammar checking capability within Studio so that you can verify and check your grammar whilst translating. You can either check for grammar mistakes in real-time as you confirm your segments or you can run it as a batch task.

Top reason to download this app: Save the effort of having to review the grammar of your files externally by checking your grammar within your translation environment.

Download the MSWord Grammar Checker >

4. Glossary Plugin

Downloading this app adds a new section to the ribbon of Studio with buttons that allow you to add new termbases or import terminology glossaries in formats such as Excel in just a couple of clicks.

Top reason to download this app: Using this tool along with the Glossary Converter makes it easier than ever to add terminology to your translation projects.

Download the Glossary Plugin >

5. Studio Migration Utility

This app was promoted along with the release of Studio 2017 as an additional tool used to help make switching versions and upgrading a quicker process. With it, you can migrate your projects, translation memories, customers, language resource templates and SDL AppStore plugins from your current version of Studio to Studio 2017 in a simple step by step Wizard that takes less than a minute.

Top reason to download this app: If you’re planning to upgrade to Studio 2017, this app will make the process of changing versions much more swift by allowing you to migrate your translation resources over in seconds without having to do it manually yourself.

Download Studio Migration Utility >

To find out which other apps made the top 10 most popular apps of 2016 as well as to watch live demonstrations of them in action, register for this webinar session I’ll be presenting on January 31 at 3pm GMT. Register here >

Another way to discover apps – The best NEW apps of the year

We’ve looked at the most popular apps of the year but if you would also like to find out more about the latest released apps, I also presented a webinar in December looking at 10 of the best new apps published last year. You can watch the recording below.