New SDL Trados Studio Features At Any Time? Mission Possible.

No question – SDL Trados Studio is one of the most comprehensive translation environments on the market, packed with a number of productivity features, working with a range of files and systems and a perfectly scaled tool for every translation need.

Well, almost every need. There will always be special requests by our clients, by the users of our clients for a number of less common, out of the box features, support for some exotic file formats, custom integrations, product customizations, and what not. But why wait for the next Studio product release for these highly desired features, when actually with a little a bit of development skill or resource you can create them for your custom needs now?

This is where the SDL AppStore comes into play. Having spoken to a number of customers at events this fall, the general understanding is that this is the place providing a few little apps that you can download to perform some useful function here and there. But it’s also much more than that. It provides a whole ecosystem for the SDL Translation Productivity products.

Apart from the extensive range of apps that Studio users can download and use for free, there is a complete SDK and set of APIs accompanying Studio and MultiTerm that allow a developer to create complex integrations with their business systems, write tools for enhancing internal workflows and process automation, develop custom file types and plugins for access to external resources and whatnot – the sky is the limit.

Since the launch of the Developer Program on SDL AppStore the number of apps and plugins developed and added grows on a daily basis. I’ve collected some of the great examples of apps and integrations in this PowerPoint presentation which can give you an idea of the limitless capabilities of the Studio Translation Platform.