Meet Sandra Koch, Senior Marketing Event Executive

Meet some of our staff from SDL’s many office locations around the world and pick up some top tips along the way.

A little bit about you…

What is your name?

Sandra Koch

What is your job role?

I’m a Senior Marketing Event Executive and manage our participation at external events, e.g. Conferences, Industry Events, and University Summer Schools. My job ranges from booking an exhibition space to securing speaking slots and briefing our Creative Design Team on booth layouts.

I’m also responsible for the LSP and Freelance marketing for the DACH region, for which I organize webinars and review website and email content.

Which SDL office do you work in?

Maidenhead, UK.

How long have you worked at SDL?

3 years – Feels like an eternity in some respects and like the first day in others.

Let’s talk about SDL and the translation industry…

What is your favorite feature in an SDL translation productivity product?

That’s difficult for me to say as I don’t work with our software on a daily basis. From what I can see in the webinars I organize I’d say that the customisability must be a cool feature. Everyone’s ways of working are different, so being able to customize your working environment to exactly the way you need it or prefer it must be great.

What excites you about the translation industry in 2016?

The tools in the industry are becoming more and more advanced and user friendly and seeing the next stages of the SDL AppStore and various ways of using machine translation is quite exciting.

From your experience, what would be your best bit of advice for translators?

Use free training, attend networking events and use social media!

During your time at SDL, what is the most common myth that you’ve come across? 

Our tools are too complicated and we don’t offer support.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies…

Away from the world of translation, what do you do for fun?

I’m a keen runner and like cycling. I regularly volunteer at the Maidenhead ParkRun on Saturday mornings and have taken up volunteering for half marathons as I can’t run them myself at the moment. Going away on camping trips also keeps me sane.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

In 2015 I ran 12 half marathons. I wanted to do 20 but got injured!

Where can we find you online?

Professional accounts are:

Twitter: @sdl_sandra
LinkedIn: Sandra Koch