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Fast, Flexible Software Localization with SDL Passolo 2018!

When I first looked at SDL Passolo and started to learn about software localization, it was all like an alien language to me! The learning curve was steep, but soon it all started to fall into place, and it began to make sense exactly why Passolo is special.

And to me (a newbie to the tool), this new version makes even more sense, as it not only improves Passolo itself, but also extends the possibilities for a more flexible workflow when translating software files whilst keeping Passolo at the core of the process so it can still be used where it excels.

So what’s new in SDL Passolo 2018? For this release, we focused on three key themes: collaboration, performance and customer satisfaction.

Collaboration: more options for working together

Not all translators work in the same way, so it makes sense to offer them different options. With the super-customizable SDL Trados Studio, it’s easy for translators to adapt the tool to the way they work. The same can’t really be said for Passolo as it is designed for a very specific use – to translate software strings.

So being able to export a string list from Passolo so that it can be worked on in Studio or the SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor is a great new feature in Passolo 2018.*

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\SDLXLIFF export.png

Translators can now work in the familiar environment of Studio and use the very full set of features available here to speed up their translation. Or, for urgent projects, multiple translators and even reviewers can collaborate together in the SDL Online Editor to speedily translate and review one or more string lists.

Of course, the SDL Passolo Translator Edition is also still available for those who prefer to translate directly within Passolo and use the visual editor and specialist QA checks. So basically the different tools can be used for what they’re best at to optimize the workflow for different types of projects, and to let translators work where they work best.

The project preparation can be done inside Passolo, which is obviously optimized for this purpose when dealing with software localization projects. Then project managers can either export the string list to an SDLXLIFF format which can then be worked on in Studio, or they can publish it straight to GroupShare.

In GroupShare, project managers also have the added bonus of being able to dynamically assign users to different phases of the project and control their access to files and resources. Then translators can either work in the Online Editor or Studio.

When the translation is finished, the string list can be imported back into Passolo for final QA, using the visual editor to ensure the translated software strings fit correctly onto the user interface of the software. Or, indeed translators can still work in Passolo if this is there preferred tool to work in.

It’s all about having options!

And to add another option to the mix, the new integration between the Passolo Collaboration Edition and the cloud storage platform Box means Passolo projects can be automatically synchronized with this modern file sharing tool as an alternative to (Secure) FTP servers.

This speeds up the localization process by reducing the admin required by the project manager: no need to exchange emails and update projects as this happens automatically when translators sync with the platform. Box is also highly secure so you can rest assured that your content is safe.

*The GroupShare integration is included with Passolo Collaboration Edition, it can be purchased as an optional add-on for the Professional and Team Editions.

Performance: improved integration with MultiTerm

The way that Passolo interacts with SDL MultiTerm is somewhat different to how Studio does, but when translators want to take advantage of Passolo’s unique software localization features, obviously they still want to have reliable access to terminology.

So for Passolo 2018 we’ve worked to improve the integration between Passolo and MultiTerm to improve the performance when using terminology within Passolo. These enhancements are particularly evident when working with server-based termbases, but also apply to file-based termbases:

  • Faster results when searching termbases during translation
  • More reliable results when searching termbases (no instances of terms being missed)
  • Ability to find terms with less than 3 characters

And as a bonus, to improve the user experience of working with multiple termbases, we have refreshed the MultiTerm Connection List window so that it is easy to see the locations of all of the termbases added to a project at a glance.

Customer satisfaction: better ways of working

We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of using our products, so we’ve made some tweaks and enhancements for Passolo 2018 that we hope will help.

1. It’s now easier and more intuitive to work with tasks. You can assign tasks to specific users, add comments to tasks and view comments made by other users. New task filters mean it’s quicker to find tasks if you have a long list, for example you can filter for tasks assigned to a specific user, or by properties such as language or due date.

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\tasks.png

You can also group your string lists by strings with a task so that you can work on these first.

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\task filter.png

2.We have improved the visibility and traceability of projects with two new features. Project managers can track projects more easily with the new statistics view – you can toggle between the resource and statistics view at a click to quickly see how a project is progressing.

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\statistics view.png

The new untranslated string icon in the resource tree also shows you which string lists have untranslated strings so you can make sure these are translated.

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\untranslated strings.png

3. Passolo 2018 brings improved functionality for find and replace all batch commands: there is a new drop-down ‘Location’ list, giving you more control over the search scope.

\\mheadfs2\GlobeHouse\Dept\Marketing\ProductMarketing\Passolo\Passolo 2018\Screen shots\find replace.png

4. We have enhanced automation in a number of areas, for example when handling comments, deleting lists and opening and closing projects via automation.

Lastly, to help us continue to improve, we have introduced the Customer Experience Improvement Programme. You can opt-in to participate in the programme, which means we can collect strictly anonymized data from your usage of Passolo and analyze usage patterns. Join the programme to help us make Passolo better!

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