12 days of trados tips

12 Days of Trados Tips

Over the last two weeks, the Customer Experience Team have been sharing our top tips for SDL Trados Studio users as part of our #12DaysofTradosTips. If you have not been following them each day on either Twitter or Facebook, don’t worry. We have collated all 12 tips in one place, so you can easily read through and start using them straight away.

1. How to use Tell Me in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Simply press Alt+Q on your keyboard to bring up the Tell Me feature to easily access powerful features in SDL Trados Studio 2019. Want to change the keyboard shortcut to access it? Simply search ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ in the Tell Me box and it will take you straight to the appropriate setting!

2. How to change the font in the Editor of SDL Trados Studio 2019

Simply type “font" into Tell Me and click on Editor -> Font Adaptation. Choose your target language from the language list and select the font you want to be displayed from the list of fonts below the languages.

3. How to merge segments across hard returns in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Just click on your Project Settings and tick ‘Allow source editing’… yes, you can also edit the source! Then tick “Enable merging segments across paragraphs." This can be particularly helpful when working with PDF files.

4. How to install a plugin from the SDL AppStore

Plugins are downloaded with the .sdlplugin file extension. Simply save them to your desktop and then double-click them. Studio 2019 has a built-in plugin installer which will walk you through the process.

5. How to edit the source segments in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Just click on your Project Settings and tick ‘Allow source editing’… it’s as simple as that!

6. How to handle a Bilingual Excel file in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Studio 2019 has a special Excel file-type for this that can display the source column and the target column of your Excel file as source and target in Studio. Simply type “File type" into Tell Me and move the Bilingual Excel file-type above the other Excel file-types. Then create your project.

7. How to carry out a QA check in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Studio 2019 has a very comprehensive quality assurance capability. Just type “QA" into Tell Me and you’ll find options for checking the quality of your source and target text. To run the rules you have defined you just press F8 when your file is open for translation.

8. How to get a Work in Progress (WIP) report in SDL Trados Studio 2019

To keep on top of how much work you have done, and what’s still left, Studio 2019 provides an excellent Work in Progress (WIP) report. To run it for your project simply click on Batch tasks -> WIP Report from the ‘Home’ menu. You’ll find your new WIP report in the ‘Reports View’.

9. How to analyse your files in SDL Trados Studio 2019

If you work with single file translation projects you don’t automatically get an analysis. To get one after opening the file for translation simply go to Batch Tasks -> Analyze Files and you’ll find your new analysis in the ‘Reports View’.

10. How to change the keyboard shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Simply type “Keyboard" into Tell Me and select the group of shortcuts you want. You can add a new one or change an existing one by simply clicking into the shortcut column and pressing the key combination you want to use.

11. How to make the font larger as you work in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Simplicity itself… click on the ‘View’ ribbon and on the far right you’ll see the ‘Font Adaptation’ group. Activate the ‘Adapt Font Sizes’ by clicking on the aA icon and then use the up and down icons below to increase or decrease the size of the font as needed.

12. How to insert symbols and special characters in SDL Trados Studio 2019

Simply type “Insert" into Tell Me and click on ‘Insert symbol’. This will show you all the available symbols and special characters in windows which you can click and insert into your translation. The next time Tell Me will even remember the last ones you used!

I hope you have found these tips useful and have found a few which will really benefit you right away. If you do have any other SDL Trados Studio related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team via our online chat service.

Happy Holidays!