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Built on decades of translation and project management experience, Trados provides solutions for translation agencies of any size or maturity.   

With more people in the translation supply chain using Trados than any other tool on the market, it's easy for translation agencies to collaborate by sharing projects, files, and resources with their translators and clients. 

With Trados, you can translate everything – processes are streamlined to keep costs down with quality, consistency, and control being maintained. Access to our APIs, pre-built connectors, and free apps, allows your agency to connect Trados solutions to existing business systems and drive further efficiencies.

Translate everything

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Our market-leading solutions for translation agencies

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Manage projects faster and more effectively with our next-generation cloud-based translation collaboration solution.

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Trados Studio

Translate faster, smarter, and ensure quality with the market-leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool.
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Jump-start the content translation process by linking your content systems to our technology through connectors.


What our customers say about Trados

Zana Čizmin
Zana Čizmin
Chief Business, Development Officer
"Trados technology has helped us grow into a multinational business that is cost-effective at scale, and we've built valuable client relationships as a result."
Jerome Legris
Jerome Legris
Chief Operations Officer
Production Translations
"A lot of the improvements we see in customer satisfaction is down to the flexible Trados technology and responsive support we get."
Ann Huehls
Ann Huehls
Language Technology Expert
Wieners + Wieners
"Trados technology allows us to work with complex terminology databases in an integrated way. This alone can cut the time to translate by up to 50%."
Christel Stemmer
Christel Stemmer
Managing Director
"With Trados technology improving collaboration between us and our customers, we're completing projects about 30% faster than before."

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