Trados Studio Starter

Start your Trados Studio journey with the Starter version of the world's #1 computer assisted translation software

Translation software designed for the translator who is just starting out with Trados Studio

Trados Studio 2022 Starter, a scaled down edition of Trados Studio 2022 Freelance, designed for those who have just started to use a computer assisted translation (CAT) tool.

Studio Starter offers a subset of the features that are available in the full Studio Freelance edition to enable you to sample how you can translate faster, maintain quality and build translation memories to help you to get ready to accept more jobs in the future.

Why use a CAT Tool?

Differences between Trados Studio Freelance and Starter versions

Trados Studio's cloud capabilitiesAccess to cloud functionality that enables you to work either offline or online on any deviceNo access to Studio's cloud capabilities
Machine TranslationFreelance offers the self-learning MT feature - Neural Machine TranslationNo access to MT
Translation MemoryFreelance is not limited in the size of translation units.Starter is limited in size to 5,000 translation units.
TermbasesFreelance supports termbase creation and maintenance to improve quality and consistency.Starter does not support termbases.
Project CreationFreelance uses project packages to automatically and quickly apply common settings and filters.Starter does not support project creation.
AlignmentFreelance enables existing translations to be aligned with your translation to add to your existing translations.Starter does not offer alignment.
RWS AppStoreFreelance can be extended and personalised by the use of third party apps.Starter does not support the use of third party apps.
Perpetual LicenseFreelance is available as a full perpetual licence or on a subscription basis.Starter is not available as a perpetual license.

Benefits of upgrading to Trados Studio 2022 Freelance

Trados Studio Freelance is a complete translation environment for editing, reviewing and managing translation projects either offline on the desktop tool or online in the cloud. Studio 2022 Freelance, will transform the way you work. Working with the leading Trados Studio CAT tool and it's cloud capabilities gives you the option to work from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. Studio 2022 Freelance also offers access to the latest in neural machine translation capability and the use of RWS AppStore to enable you to personalise your working environment.  

When working with Trados Studio 2022 Starter, you are restricted in the functionality that you have access to. You can translate a single file and you can receive project packages from clients, which may give you access to other features such as AutoSuggest and MT. However, when working without a clients’ project package, your most prized translation resource - your translation memory - is limited in how many translations you can add to it and therefore reuse, and you are also unable to use a termbase - to help ensure high quality, consistent translations.