Speed up manual translations with fragment matching in Trados Studio

How does AutoSuggest work?

AutoSuggest is an optional feature which can be used to speed up manual translation. Autosuggest monitors what you are entering and, after you have typed the first few characters of a word, presents you with a list of suggested words or phrases in the target language. If one of the words or phrases matches what you were about to type, you can automatically complete the word or phrase by selecting it from the list. As you continue to type, the list of suggested words is continuously updated.

Where do the AutoSuggest suggestions come from?

You can use the following as sources for AutoSuggest:

  • Translation memory - received suggestions (whole translation units or fragments) that are drawn directly from your TM as you type
  • Machine translation - either from Language Weaver or a third party machine translation provider
  • MultiTerm termbase - any terms available in your termbase are automatically available for placement via AutoSuggest
  • AutoText – you can manually add your own words, phrases or terms to your AutoText list which can be used with AutoSuggest
  • AutoSuggest Dictionaries – created either by yourself or another user, phrases are extracted from your translation memories and placed into a bilingual dictionary file. To ensure the statistical relevance of the extracted phrases you need a translation memory that contains at least 10,000 translation units (TUs).

Creating an AutoSuggest dictionary?

Those using Trados Studio Professional and Trados Studio Freelance can create AutoSuggest dictionaries from scratch from existing translation memories that contain at least 10,000 translation units.

Visit our technical documentation to learn how to create AutoSuggest dictionaries.

How to use AutoSuggest in Trados Studio

Creating an AutoSuggest dictionary

How do I use an AutoSuggest dictionary sent by my client?

You can use AutoSuggest dictionaries created by yourself or by your client. To add an AutoSuggest dictionary:

  1. Open your project settings
  2. Select Language Pairs > [Source Language Name - Target Language Name] > AutoSuggest dictionaries from the navigation tree
  3. Click Add
  4. Browse to the location of the of the AutoSuggest dictionary file (*.bpm), select the file and click Open.

The dictionary is then added and can be leveraged whilst translating.

Download our free AutoSuggest dictionaries to help you get started