Trados Team

Manage translation projects faster and more effectively in the cloud

Translate everything seamlessly

Transform the way your teams work together with our next-generation cloud-based translation collaboration solution. 

Designed for translation teams of any size, Trados Team integrates with Trados Studio to streamline processes, reduce manual tasks and provide real-time access to translation projects and reporting. Trados Team enables collaboration allowing teams to be more efficient and deliver high-quality projects faster and more cost-effectively.

With Trados Team, you can bring all stakeholders together to translate everything. Discover how in our free trial.


How Trados Team helps you manage translation projects

Share resources centrally, in real-time

Deliver more consistent translations, reduce admin work and increase content reuse across projects, by providing controlled, secure, time-limited access to centralized translation memory, terminology, and machine translation.


Work from anywhere, on any device

Work with translators, reviewers and content creators more flexibly, with browser-based access to key translation resources and files, plus native integration to the world's most-used CAT tool, Trados Studio.

Automate processes, make savings

Streamline project creation and automate phases to keep them running smoothly. Project managers can create, publish and manage translation projects in fewer steps and cut down on the number of administrative tasks associated with managing multiple projects. Project related email traffic is also reduced with automatic notifications to team members.

Real time visibility and control

Transform how you manage projects with the Trados Team customizable project dashboard. Create, manage and share secure projects and keep track of progress in real time. Monitor deadlines and key metrics using customizable dashboard widgets and reports. Available across desktop, web and the Trados app.

Easily connect customers and systems

In order to facilitate content localization, Trados Team offers a number of connectors for the systems and applications that support your business. Standard connectors include OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive. Trados Team also allows you to connect directly with customers via its Customer Portal; a secure interface where requesters can submit and manage translation projects directly.


Project management with built-in security

Maintain total control over who can access and work on your projects. With Trados Team, there is no need to send sensitive documents over email. Instead, files are securely uploaded to Trados Team and assigned to team members by the project manager. Once a user has completed their allocated task, Trados Team automatically removes a user’s access to the files, ensuring confidentiality is maintained throughout the project.

On-premise team collaboration

Interested in improving translation team collaboration but require the technology to reside on-premise? Trados GroupShare is our server-based team collaboration solution specifically designed to work on-premise and features a seamless integration with Trados Studio.