Trados cloud technology for translators

This webcast is part of our ‘Unlock the power of cloud’ series, designed to show how combining cloud and desktop working can benefit you, whatever your role in the translation industry. To watch the full series, visit our 'Unlock the power of cloud' page which also includes many useful cloud working resources.

In this session designed specifically for translators, we show you how simple it is to introduce cloud working to your existing way of working on the desktop.

In a step-by-step live demo, learn how to:

  • Configure the settings in the cloud to suit your requirements, so that you’re ready to get started
  • Import your existing translation memories and termbases to access them instantly and securely in the cloud 
  • Start a project in the cloud and continue working on the desktop and vice versa
  • Use the Online Editor and it’s advanced features to translate and review in the cloud 

This webcast is presented in English.

PLEASE NOTE: Trados Live has now been rebranded, and as a result, the name of some or all of the Trados products featured in this video have been updated.