How to have a successful first year as a freelancer

Your first year as a freelancer is an exciting, thrilling, terrifying, and stressful time. While keeping all the balls in the air - finding work, creating an online presence, identifying a specialization, networking with other translators and with clients, managing money - it's hard to even find the time to translate. In this nuts-and-bolts webinar, we look at practical steps you can take to lay a good foundation for your freelance business, so that you are operating from a place of confidence rather than fear. Experienced translators may also find this information helpful.

About the speaker: Corinne McKay is a French to English translator based in Boulder, Colorado, and the current President of the American Translators Association. She has worked as a full-time freelancer since 2002, specializing in international development, corporate communications/content marketing, and non-fiction books. In addition to her own translation work, Corinne writes books and teaches classes about the business aspects of freelance translation. Her book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, has become a go-to reference for the language professions, with over 12,000 copies sold. Corinne blogs at Thoughts on Translation, and together with Eve Bodeux, co-hosts the podcast Speaking of Translation.

Please note this webinar was delivered in English.

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