RWS Response to the Coronavirus

In recent weeks, RWS has continuously monitored the global Covid-19 pandemic and has been actively taking measures to respond to the rapidly changing situation—not only to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees and their families, but also to reduce any risk in the delivery of our content and language solutions to customers.

Business continuity is one of our key priorities here at RWS and, as part of our plans, we have activated a global crisis response team, who are working to manage all impacted countries and regions, to safeguard our people and minimize any impact to your business.  

Our orchestration platform with virtualized environments, storage, and automation tools help to mitigate any major operational disruption so you continue to receive the continuity, quality, and support you expect from RWS. We are on hand 24/7 to address your needs. Please contact us on with any concerns.
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Supporting Business Continuity for Our Colleagues and Customers

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Colleagues are working from home in affected regions, where deemed necessary.
Business travel has been suspended to affected regions until further notice.
Only essential business travel is permitted and virtual communication with customers is encouraged where possible.
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Teams are continuing to communicate with customers as normal, and where meetings are concerned, looking at how best to conduct these virtually.
Our IT organization are working with leaders to maintain productivity levels globally.
Self-isolation has been requested for both employees displaying symptoms and those returning from restricted travel areas.
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How is RWS managing the Coronavirus Crisis?

RWS has activated a Crisis Committee. On a daily basis, we review information released by Governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) and ensure we have robust measures in place to safeguard our people and minimize any impact to our business operations.

Are RWS Services Operating?

As a global organization, we have an infrastructure in place to support customer requirements where necessary. If we anticipate any service disruptions or impact to deadlines, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.

Are RWS cloud systems operating?

RWS Cloud Operations has implemented several measures and continues to implement best practice across the organization. Our applications, VPN connectivity, monitoring, and internet connectivity have all been considered in work from home testing and, given the preparation, we expect limited to no impact to our operations as of today. 

Additionally, Our Cloud Service Providers are proactively scaling both servers and network capacity in order to be able to respond to any additional load that we see as a result of changing work patterns, or protect our customers from short-term supply disruptions. For data center operations, our Cloud Service Providers have segmented staff in each region into sub-teams to ensure support. Our Cloud Service Providers also have diversity in their supply chain from multiple locations around the world, as well as significant buffer capacity, and are confident that we can work around any potential disruptions in the supply chain. Please contact us on with any concerns.

How we are working?

IT services modernization at RWS has enabled a mobile workforce, supporting service delivery despite significant local and global disruptions—making it easier for remote working and the hand-over of tasks between offices allowing virtual teaming to preserve service delivery to our clients.

We were due to meet with RWS in their office. Will this go ahead now?

(For those countries where business travel restrictions apply) Due to the current situation, we would like to update our face-to-face meetings to a phone call/video call. This will enable us to discuss your requirements, while adhering to health and safety guidance we have received from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local Government. We appreciate your understanding at this time.

Will you be able to provide business as usual support?

How can I quickly translate content with RWS?

Machine translation from Language Weaver can be used to translate larger volumes of data in a shorter amount of time so you can prioritize your business critical information while eliminating the risk of regulatory non-compliance and data breaches. Please let us know if we can help identify, organize, and prioritize your highest value content.
We encourage any customers that need support or are concerned to email / telephone your account manager or support representative. You can also email us on: