Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 2

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for Trados Studio Service Release 2

What is Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 2?

Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 2 is a series of comprehensive updates that include product enhancements and bug fixes. 

Service Releases (SR) are common practice within the software industry to ensure users continue to receive the best from their software investment. 

What are the benefits of installing Trados Studio 2021 SR2?

With Trados Studio 2021 SR2, you can benefit from a number of key enhancements to Trados Studio 2021 which include: 

Save projects to the cloud and access from anywhere

  • Save existing local projects to the cloud and work on translation jobs using the Online Editor.
  • Migrate file-based TMs to the cloud so they are available for online translation work. 

Benefit from an improved editing experience with enhanced support for Unicode 13

  • The Editor view in Trados Studio now displays and preserves even more scientific symbols, ideographs and special characters from non-Latin script.
  • Trados Studio and Trados Live can now recognize over 3,500 emojis from source files.
  • Emojis are displayed as placeholder tags in the Editor view, and as actual characters in the Online Editor.
  • See our How to handle emoji in Trados Studio and Trados Live video

Easily work with Memsource file types

  • Work with Memsource MXLIFF files in Trados Studio and Trados Live using the brand new Memsource file type.
  • Accept any job from Memsource users and enjoy Studio's many productivity features for faster turnaround times. 

Additional improvements 

  • Enhanced API coverage with new reports API.
  • Trados Studio API documentation has been rewritten and rehomed.
  • New RWS look and feel. 

Visit our blog to learn more.

What are the benefits of installing MultiTerm 2021 SR2?

Install MultiTerm 2021 SR2 to ensure full compatibility with Trados Studio 2021 SR2.  
In addition, you will also notice MultiTerm 2021 SR2 has been rebranded in line with the RWS look and feel. 

Do I have to pay to install Trados Studio 2021 SR2?

No, if you are an existing Trados Studio 2021 customer, you do not have to pay to install SR2.  

If you do not have Trados Studio 2021, you can upgrade to Trados Studio 2021 to benefit from the SR2 enhancements. If you are a freelance translator you can upgrade here or if you work in a LSP or corporation you can contact your local RWS representative here.

If I already have Trados Studio 2021 SR1 installed, do I need to return this license before installing SR2?

No, if you have a Trados Studio 2021 SR1 license installed on your computer, you will not need to return this license before you update to SR2. 

How do I install Trados Studio SR2?

If you are set up for AutoUpdate, the SR2 update will be available in your notification area within Trados Studio. 

If you are not set up for AutoUpdate, please follow the instructions below to download the SR2 update. 

  1. Exit Trados Studio 2021 and MultiTerm 2021.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to the "Downloads" section.
  4. Once in the "Downloads" section, select Trados Studio 2021 SR2 and MultiTerm 2021 SR2 download as clearly marked.
  5. Expand the new Trados Studio 2021/MultiTerm 2021 SR2 product name and you will find the SR2 downloads within the platform.
  6. Click the "Download" button on each and save the executable files to your local hard disc.
  7. Once downloaded, run the executable file and follow the wizard driven process.
  8. The Trados Studio 2021/MultiTerm 2021 SR2 installers will automatically detect the currently installed Trados Studio/MultiTerm 2021 software and uninstall it in the background.
Any issues around installing, or questions about licensing of Trados Studio 2021, please submit your request here

How do I access the cloud in Trados Studio?

The translation productivity cloud offerings which integrate between Trados Studio and the RWS Language Cloud platform include Trados Live Essential, Trados Live Team, and RWS Language Cloud Translation Management. You can access our cloud here.

Can I continue to work on projects in Trados Studio once I have saved my projects and translation memories (TM) to the cloud?

Yes, once your projects and TMs have been saved to the cloud, continue working with them directly within Trados Studio just like any existing local Trados Studio project.

Can I migrate my file-based translation memories into an existing cloud translation memory?

At this time, users cannot migrate a local translation memory into an existing cloud TM. However, you can quickly and easily migrate all your file-based translation memories to the cloud at once. 

There are three different options to choose, including to: 
  • Create a single cloud TM containing all file-based translation memories
  • Create a cloud translation memory for each language pair
  • Create cloud translation memories for each file-based translation memory.
Once your TMs are in the cloud, you can continue to work on a local project or cloud-based project with your cloud TMs.

What types of Trados Studio projects can I save to the cloud?

Only local projects that are set up for translation using the Trados Studio project wizard can be saved to the cloud. Files that have been opened for translation using the ‘translate as single document’ option, cannot be saved to the cloud at this time.

What type of project packages can you save to the cloud?

For now, you can seamlessly upload and save native Trados Studio project packages to the cloud. Compatibility with other types of project packages will come with time.

Can I create a return package if I save a Trados Studio project package to the cloud?

Yes, once your Trados Studio project package has been saved to the cloud, there will be an option for you to create a return package from Trados Studio.

Can I send a translation project with emojis to a user on an older version of Trados Studio from Trados Studio 2021 SR2?

Yes, anyone using older versions of Trados Studio can work on the file and return it without any compatibility issues.  However, they will not be able to see the emojis in the preview as this capability is only available in Studio 2021 SR2 or later. 

In Trados Studio, emojis are handled through placeholder tags, just like you will be used to when working with formatting and footnotes. This ensures maximum compatibility in the supply chain as a Studio 2021 user will be able to prepare SDLXLIFF files with emojis, and share this with any Studio user. 

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