Trados Studio

Supported Languages and Files

Supported Languages
Supported File Types
Trados Studio 2021 supports the widest range of languages and file formats so that you are fully equipped to work on any project. You can check if Studio supports a particular language by using the application below.
Trados has invested over 35 years into filter development to provide users with the widest choice of file compatibility. Our filters give you the ability to work with over 50 different file types – you will never have to turn down a translation project due to file compatibility ever again.

Can’t see your file format listed? Visit our RWS AppStore, where you can find many more file filters for third party applications and other CAT tools.

Adobe PDF

PDF (Please note that Trados Studio will open a PDF and save it either as a bilingual file or as a Microsoft Word translated file)

Two file types are available, one based on SolidDocuments and one based on Iris (available from RWS AppStore).

 Microsoft .NET*** Based on RESX and XAML
Adobe FrameMakerMIF Microsoft Visio2016
Adobe InDesign

CS4 - CC

Interchange format files (INX)

InDesign Markup Language (IDML)



Including, Google Docs, LibreOffice, Text Document and IBM Lotus Symphony applications.

Adobe InCopy

CS4 - CC

InCopy Markup Language (ICML)

 PageMakerTagged files TXT*
Adobe Photoshop (beta)

*.psd; *.pdd; *.psdt)

 Portable Object.po
Embedded ContentEmbedded content refers to compound file types where one type contains content in another file type. Examples of such file types in Studio are: XML embedded in HTML, plain text in XML or HTML, HTML or XML in Microsoft Excel, and compound MS Office documents (e.g. Excel sheet embedded in a Word document). QuarkXPress7-9**QuarkXPress tagged files QSC, XTG, TTG, TAG
Generic delimited textCSV, CAT files QuickSilver 3.0*IASCII versions 8.5 and 8.6
Generic TextTXT RESX***The .NET XML-based resource
Google DocsGoogle documents are handled as part of both the OpenDocument as well as the Microsoft Word 2007-2016 file type. Microsoft Excel 2000 - 2003XLS, XLT
HTMLIncluding Active Server Pages (ASP), Active Server.NET (ASP.NET), Java Server Pages (JSP) and Include files (INC) Trados Studio files SDLXLIFF bilingual files 
JAVA***Java Properties Legacy Trados files****

Legacy bilingual Word documents, DOC, DOCX 

TTX bilingual files

ITD bilingual files

JSONJavaScript Object Notation SGMLSGM, SGML
Markdown*.md; *.markdown StarOfficeSXW, SXC, SXI
MemoQ XLIFF filesMQLIFF Subrip files *.srt 
Microsoft Excel 2007 - 2016


Bilingual/Multilingual Excel


Tagged files TXT

Workbench RTF

Microsoft Word 2000 - 2003DOC, DOT, RTF  XHTMLHTML, HTM
Microsoft Word 2007 - 2016PPTX, PPSX, POTX, PPSM, PPTM, POTM  XLIFF

XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 files

XLIFF documents (XLF) 

memoQ XLIFF 

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2003PPT, PPS, POT XML, XSL 

DITA, Author-IT XML 

MadCap Flare files

Docbook and W3C ITS (International Tag Set)

YAML filesYAML, YML Email


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2016PPTX, PPSX, POTX, PPSM, PPTM, POTM 

* Supported through S-Tagger and Tracom add-ons included in Trados Studio 2021 as integrated applications.

** QuarkXPress 7-9 files, including Unicode encoded files, are supported through the third-party application CopyFlow from Napsys. For more information, please visit

*** Passolo is recommended for best handling .NET formats

**** Supported through the Trados Compatibility and Migration Power Pack app, available to download off the RWS AppStore.