Trados Studio 2022 Starter

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for Trados Studio 2022 Starter

What is Studio Starter?

Studio Starter is a CAT tool that uses a subset of features available in the full Trados Studio Freelance edition. It enables you to sample how Studio helps translators reduce the time taken to deliver quality translations, work more efficiently and build translation memories.

Key benefits include:

  • Enables those who translate occasionally to experience the market leading CAT tool
  • Access to the leading translation memory through a low-priced subscription solution
  • Allows everyone to plug into the translation supply chain, receive projects and share Trados Studio files

What are the restrictions in the Studio Starter edition?

  • Limited to 5,000 translation units (approx. 50,000 words) for use, but unlimited when receiving packages
  • Starter does not include access to Trados Studio's cloud capabilities 
  • No access to alignment-based TM creation
  • Works only with RWS packages and single file documents
  • Inability to create project packages and process multiple files simultaneously
  • Starter does not support any third party applications, which means that RWS AppStore is not available to be used with Starter
  • MultiTerm is not included - project termbases can be used, but not created, added or edited

For a full list of restrictions see Trados Studio edition comparison table.

What can I do with the Studio Starter edition?

  • Work on a RWS project package which has been sent to you by a user or company using the Professional edition (without any translation memory size or other restriction)
  • Translate practically any file type
  • Create your own translation memory (limited to 5,000 translation units) when working on your own files
  • Run quality assurance checks
  • Use the upLIFT feature
  • Access to Machine Translation via a project package

Can I purchase Studio Starter on a subscription basis?

Yes. In fact the Studio Starter edition is only available on an annual subscription basis. This includes automatic updates to the latest version.

What happens to the translation memories that I create in Studio Starter?

The translation memories will be created on your desktop and will remain yours. They are not uploaded on a server and of course therefore not shared with any other user.

Can I upgrade from Studio Starter to Studio Freelance?

Yes. You can upgrade at any point and your existing subscription will continue until the end of the 12 month period. Visit our online store to learn more about the cost of upgrading.