Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 2

The latest FREE updates to Trados Studio 2021 and Trados Live

Service Release 2 (SR2) for Trados Studio 2021 adds a wealth of new productivity and usability enhancements to the desktop application and also Trados Live – Studio’s cloud companion. Altogether these improvements will boost efficiency and make translating easier.

Service Release 2
Service Release 1

Thumbs up for emoji support

You’ll be ? with this new feature! Save time and ensure source and target text align, as Studio 2021 and Trados Live will now fully preserve emojis when you're translating. Emojis will show as placeholder tags in Studio 2021, and as the actual emoji character in the Trados Live Online Editor, so you can easily see where they appear in the text.

Enhanced support for Unicode 13 has also been introduced, with all used characters (according to the Unicode definition), now being preserved.

SDL Trados Live

Save projects to the cloud with ease

Need to save a local project to the cloud? No problem! You can now save local projects to Trados Live, providing a quicker and easier workflow for moving from desktop to cloud. Whether it’s a project you have created yourself or a project package you have received from a client, projects can be published to the cloud at the click of a button.

Simply migrate TMs to the cloud

Save time with the ability to easily migrate your local translation memories (TMs) to Trados Live, from within Studio 2021. Just select your TMs in Studio, follow the simple migration wizard and they will be available for you to use when working in the cloud or on your desktop. Plus you’ll gain even more efficiencies with the option to merge several local TMs to a single cloud TM.
SDL Trados Live

SDL Trados Live

Other Trados Live enhancements

For the Online Editor:
  • Uplift Fragment Recall is now available providing maximum leverage from your TMs
  • A fast way to check translation quality with support for third party grammar and spell checking add-ons
  • You can now quickly insert terms from a termbase.
Plus third party machine translation support for Trados Live via the RWS AppStore and the option to do batch editing when undertaking TM maintenance.

Plus much more...

  • Built in support for the Memsource file type, MXLIFF in Studio 2021 and Trados Live.
  • Improved compatibility when working with cloud projects in Studio including multi-factor authentication (MFA) support.
  • API enhancements including new and updated Trados Studio API documentation, plus a new Reports API.
  • A new look - you’ll see Studio 2021 and Trados Live have been rebranded to reflect that Trados now comes to you from RWS.
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Improved productivity with automatic tag placement

Studio 2021 SR1 can now automatically insert tags into your translation segments, saving you considerable time and effort. Tags that contain information about your document’s formatting, such as font and color, are automatically inserted into a translation segment, so you can be sure that your formatting is correctly replicated from the source through to translated document. 

This is an SDL Limited video that is now part of the RWS Group.

SDL Trados Live

More flexibility between cloud and desktop working

Project packages downloaded from Trados Live now include project translation memories (TM) and termbases, enabling users to utilize them entirely offline in Trados Studio 2021.

Trados Live now offers better synchronization of project settings such as QA checker and tag verifier with Studio 2021.  Users now also have more control over the projects view with the choice to display only the cloud projects associated with the tenant currently being accessed.

3,000 neural machine translation language combinations now available

There are now over 3,000 machine translation language combinations available for use via Trados Studio! Our secure neural machine translation (NMT) is the perfect solution for translators looking to automatically translate content. Plus remember that Studio users can use up to 6 million NMT characters per year, per account, for FREE!
SDL Trados Live

SDL Trados Live

Improved terminology capabilities

The SR1 enhancements to MultiTerm make working with terminology easier, faster and more intuitive. Search, filter and quickly add picklist items using both mouse and/or keyboard, plus faster access to the termbase browse list and the termbase dialog box.

Trados Live Terminology users will now experience more parity between MultiTerm and Trados Live Terminology. Enjoy familiar term recognition settings and more accurate term recognition when working in Studio, helping to enhance terminology verification.

Other enhancements

Studio 2021 SR1 also includes a number of other enhancements and improvements including:

  • Online help is now fully localized
  • A more robust experience when working with remote resources
  • Better error handling in Studio when using cloud projects
  • Bug fixes - for more information see the SR1 Release Notes.
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